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Man: Whence,

How and Whither

-a Record of Clairvoyant Investigation


Annie Besant


C W leadbeater






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The idea that clairvoyant observation is possible

is no longer regarded as entirely insane. It is not

generally accepted, nor indeed is it accepted to any

large extent. A constantly growing minority, however,

of fairly intelligent people believe clairvoyance

to be a fact, and regard it as a perfectly natural

power, which will become universal in the course of

evolution. They do not regard it as a miraculous

gift, nor as an outgrowth from high spirituality,

lofty intelligence, or purity of character ; any or all

of these may be manifested in a person who is not

in the least clairvoyant. They know that it is a

and that it can be developed

ry anyone who is able and willing to pay the price

demanded for its forcing, ahead of the general evolution.

The use of clairvoyance for research into the past

is not new. The Secret Doctrine of H. P. Blavatsky

is a standing instance of such use. Whether or not

the work thus done is reliable is a question which

must be left for decision to future generations, possessing

the power which is now used for this purpose.

We shall, we know, have a large body of readers

who are students, who, believing the power to^be

a reality, andjrppjwjng ug to be honest, will find this

booftTBoth interesting and illuminative. For them

it has been written; As the number of students increases,

so will increase the number of our readers.

More than this we cannot hope for. Centuries

hence, when people will be able to write much better

books, based on similar researches, this well be

looked on as an interesting pioneer, considering the

time at which it was written.

Proofs of its general accuracy obviously cannot

be given, though from time to time discoveries may

be made which confirm an occasional statement. The

truth of clairvoyant research can no more be proved

to the general public, than colour can be demonstrated

to a blind man. The general public, so far as it

reads the book, will regard it with blank incredulity ;

some may think it an interesting fabrication ; others

may find it dull. Most will regard the authors as

either self-deceived or fraudulent, according as the

judges are kind-hearted or malevolent.

To students we would say : Accept it so far as it

helps you in your studies, and throws light on what

you already know. Amplification and correction

may be made in the future, for we have only given

a few fragments of a huge history, and the task

has boon a very heavy one.

The research work was done at Adyar in the

summer of 1910 ; in the heat of the summer many of

the students were away, and w^j^t^aarselyes jip,

siL-M-tqjMijQ^ every

week; we observed, and said exacHy what we saw,

and two members, Mrs. Van Hook and Don Fabrizio

Ruspoli, were good enough to write down all we

said, exactly as we said it ; these two sets of notes

have been preserved. They are woven into the

present story, written partly during the summer of

1911, when a few weeks were stolen for the purpose,

and completed in April and May V1912, similarly

stolen out of the rush of busy lives. This kind of

work cannot be done in the midst of constant interruptions,

and the only way to accomplish it is to

escape from the world for the time, to 'go into retreat,'

as the Eoman Catholics call it.

The broad Theosophical outline of evolution has

been followed, and it is given among the *


'in Chapter I. This governs the whole, and

is the ground-plan of the book. The fact of an Occult

Hierarchy, which guides and shapes evolution,

is throughout taken for granted, and some of its

members inevitably appear in the course of the

story. In order to throw ourselves back into the

earliest stages, we sought for our own consciousnesses,

present there, and easier to start from than

anything else, since no others were recognisable

They gave us, as it were, a footing in the first and

second Chains. From the latter part of the third

Chain and onwards, we traced humanity's story by

following a group of individuals, except where this

group was otherwise occupied during any important

stage of evolution as in the beginnings of the third

and fourth sub-races of the fifth Boot Eace; when

that was the case we left it, and followed the main

stream of progress. In this record comparatively

few details as to persons can be given, the sweep of

the story being so large. Many detailed lives, however,

have been published in The Theosophist, under

the general title 'Kents in the V^il of Time' rents

through which glimpses of the past of individuals

may be seen. A volume of these, named Lives of

Alcyone, will shortly be published, and to that will

be appended full genealogical tables, showing the

in each life of all the characters so far

identified. Work of this kind might be done ad

libitum, if there were people to do it.

As a history cannot be written without names, and

as mncarnatipQjs a fact and therefore the reappearance

of the same individual throughout succeeding

ages is also a fact, the individual playing

many parts under many names we have given

names to many individuals by which they may be

recognised throughout the dramas in which they take

part. Irving is the same Irving to us, as Macbeth,

Richard III, Shylock, Charles I, Faust, Romeo,

Matthias ; and in any story of his life as actor he is

spoken of as Irving, whatever part he is playing;

his continuing individuality is recognised throughout.

So a human being, in the long story in which

lives.jMSjiays, pla^B hmx^reds of parts but is himself

throughout be he man or woman, peasant,

prince, or priest. To this ' himself we have given a

distinguishing name, so that he may be recognised

under all the disguises put on to suit the part he is

playing. These are mostly names of constellations,

or stars. For instance, we have given to Julius

Caesar the name of Corona ; to Plato that of Pallas ;

to Lao-Tze that of Lyra; in this way we can see

how different are the lines of evolution, the previous

lives which produce a Caesar and a Plato. It gives

to the story a human interest, and teaches the

student of reincarnation.

The names of Those who constantly appear in this

story as ordinary men and women, but who are now

Masters, may make those great Beings more real

to some ; They have climbed to where They stand on

the same ladder of life up which we are climbing

now; They have known the common household life,

the joys and sorrows, the successes and the failures,

which make up human experiences. They are not

Gods perfect from unending ages, but men and women

who have unfolded the God within themselves

and have, along a toilsome road, reached the superhuman.

They are the fulfilled promise of what we

shall he, the glorious flowers on the plant on which

we are the buds.

And so we launch our ship on the stormy ocean

of publicity, to face its destiny and find its fate.


THE FOUR KUMARAS. . . Four of the Lords of

the Flame, still livingin Shamballa.

MAHAGURU The Bodhisattva of the time, appearing as

Vyasa, Thoth (Hermes),Zarathushtra,Orpheus, finally as

Gautama, who becamethe Lord Buddha.SURYA ... ...

The Lord Maitreya,the present Bodhisattva,

the SupremeTeacher of theworld.

MANU ... ... The Head of a Root

Race. If with a prefix,Root-Manu or

Seed-Manu, a yet










higher Official, presiding over a larger

cycle of evolution a Round or a Chain.

The cognomen Vaivasvatais given in

Hindu books both to the Root Manu of

our Chain and the Manu of the Aryan,

or fifth, Root Race.

The Maha-Chohan, a high official, of rank

equal to that of a Manu or a Bodhisattva.

. Now a Master, spokenof in some Theosop

 h i c a 1 books as 'The Venetian.'

. . . Now a Master, residing

in the Nilgiri Hills.

. Now the Master M. of

the Occult World.

. Now the Master K. H.

of the Occult World.

, . Now the Master Hilarion.

. Now the Master Serapis.

. Now the Master Jesus.

. Now the Master Ragozci

(or Rakovzky),

























the 'Hungarian Adept,' the Comte

de S. Germain of the eighteenth century.

Now the Master D. K.

Now a Master; known in His last earth-life

as Sir Thomas More. Now a Master; known

on earth as Thomas Vaughan, 'Eugenius

Philalethes.'Ethel Whyte.

Maria-Luisa Kirby.

J. Krishnamurti.

JoEarfvan" Marten.

Herbert Whyte.

A. J. WiUson.

Count Bubna-Licics.

S. Maud Sharpe.

Julius Caesar.

The Hon. 1 w a y


Lord Cochrane (TenthEarl of Dundonald).

Louisa Shaw.


E. Maud Green.

W. H. Kirby.

Marie Russak.

Annie Bgsant.

Fabrizio Ruspoli.

J. I. Wedgwood.

Charles Bradlaugh.

LYRA ... ... Lao-Tze.

MIBA ... ... Carl Holbrook.

MIZAR ... . . . J. Nityananda.

MONA ... ... Piet Meuleman.

NOEMA ... ... Margherita Ruspoli.

OLYMPIA ... ... Damodar K. Mavalan-

PALLAS ...... Plato.

PHOCEA ...... W. Q. Judge.

PHCENTX ...... T. Pascal.

POLAEIS ...... B. P. Wadia.

PROTEUS ... ... The Teshu Lama.

SELENE ... . . . C. Jinarajadasa.

SHOTS ... ... CJJV. Leadbeater.

SIWA ... ... TTSubba Rao.

SPICA ... ... Francesca Arundale.

TATJRUS ... ... Jerome Anderson.

ULYSSES ...... H. S. Olcott.

VAJRA ...... H. P. Blavatsky*.

VESTA ...... Minnie C. Holbrook.

A certain number of members of the Theosophical

Society have bravely allowed their names to appear

in the above list, despite the ridicule it may bring on

them. A large number of our friends are just now

in Hindu bodies, but we cannot expose them to the

mockery and persecution they would be likely to

suffer if we named them, so we have not asked their





The First and Second Chain

Early Times on the Moon Chain .

The Sixth Round on the Moon Chain .

The Seventh Round on the Moon Chain

Early Times on the Earth Chain

Early Stages of the Fourth Round .

The Fourth Root Race .

Black Magic in Atlantis

The Civilisation of Atlantis

Two Atlantean Civilisations Peru


Beginnings of the Fifth Root Race

The Building of the Great City

Early Aryan Civilisation and Empire

The Second sub-race, the Arabian

The Third sub-race, the Iranian

The Fourth sub-race, the Keltic

The Fifth sub-race, the Teutonic

The Root-Stock and its Descent into

India 305

The Vision of King Ashoka . 321

The Beginnings of the Sixth Root Race 329

Religion and the Temples . 341

Education and the Family 374

Buildings and Customs .... 396

Conclusion 427

Epilogue 447

Appendix 453

Index 487


Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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The problem of Man's origin, of his evolution, of

his destiny, is one of inexhaustible interest. Whence

came he, this glorious Intelligence, on this globe, at

least, the crown of visible beings? How has he

evolved to his present position? Has he suddenly

descended from above, a radiant angel, to become

the temporary tenant of a house of clay, or has he

climbed upwards through long dim ages, tracing his

humble ancestry from primeval slime, through fish,

reptile, mammal, up to the human kingdom! And

what is his future destiny? is he evolving onwards,

climbing higher and higher, only to descend the long

slope of degeneration till he falls over the precipice

of death, leaving behind him a freezing planet, the

sepulchre of myriad civilisations? or is his present

.climbing but the schooling of an immortal spiritual

Power, destined in his maturity to wield the sceptre

of a world, a system, a congeries of systems, a veyj^

table Godjn^^th^^making?

To tliese questions many answers have been

given, partially or fairly fully, in the Scriptures of

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales. UK. CF24 - 1DL


ancient religions, in the shadowy traditions handed

down from mighty men of old, in the explorations

of modern archaeologists, in the researches of geologists,

physicists, biologists, astronomers, of our

own days. The most modern knowledge has vindicated

the most ancient records in ascribing to our

earth and its inhabitants a period of existence of

vast extent and of marvellous complexity ; hundreds

of millions of years are tossed together to give time

for the slow and laborious processes of nature ; further

and further back ' primeval man' is pushed; Lemuria

is seen where now the Pacific ripples, and Australia,

but lately rediscovered, is regarded as one of

the oldest of lands ; Atlantis is posited, where now

the Atlantic rolls, and Africa is linked to America by

a solid bridge of land, so that the laurels of a discoverer

are plucked from the brow of Columbus, and

he is seen as following long perished generations who

found their way from Europe to the continent of the

setting sun. Poseidonis is no longer the mere fairytale

told by superstitious Egyptian priests to a

Greek philosopher; Minos of Crete is dug out of his

ancient grave, a man and not a myth ; Babylon, once

ancient, is shown as the modern successor of a series

of highly civilised cities, buried in stratum after

stratum, glooming through the night of time. Tradition

is beckoning the explorer to excavate in Turkestan,

in Central Asia, and whispering of cyclopean

ruins that await but his spade for their unburying.

Amid this clash of opinions, this conflict of theories,

this affirmation and repudiation of evernew hypotheses,

it may be that the record of two observers,

two explorers treading a very ancient path that

few feet tread to-day, but that will be trodden more


and more by thronging students as time shows its

stability may have a chance of being read. Science

is to-day exploring the marvels of what it calls the


subjective mind/ and is finding in it strange powers,

strange upsurgings, strange memories. Healthy

and balanced, dominating the brain, it shows as

genius; out of equilibrium with the brain, vagrant

and incalculable, it shows as insanity. Some day

Science will realise that what it calls the subjective

mind, Religion calls the Soul, and that the exhibition

of its powers depends on the physical and superphysical

instruments at its command. If these are

well-constructed, sound and flexible, and thoroughly

under its control, the powers of vision, of audition,

of memory, irregularly up-welling from the

subjective mind, become the normal and disposable

powers of the Soul; if the Soul strive upwards to

the Spirit the Divine Self veiled in the matter of

our System, the true Inner Man, instead of ever

clinging to the body, then its powers increase, and

knowledge, otherwise unattainable, comes within its


Metaphysicians, ancient and modern, declare that

Past, Present, and Future are ever simultaneously

existent in the divine Consciousness, and are only

successive as they come into manifestation, i.e.,

under Time, which is verily the succession of states

of consciousness. Our limited consciousness, existing

in Time, is inevitably bound by this succession ;

we can only think successively. But we all know,

from our experience of dream-states, that timemeasures

vary with this change of state, though succession

remains; we know also that time-measures

vary even more in the thought-world, and that when

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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we construct mental pictures we can delay, hasten,

repeat, the succession of thought-images at will,

though still ever bound by succession. Pursuing this

line of thought, it is not difficult to conceive of a mind

raised to transcendent power, the mind of a LOGOS,

or WORD such a Being, e.g., as is described in the

Johannine Gospel, i. 1-4 containing within itself

all the mental images embodied in, say, a Solar System,

arranged in the order of succession of their

proposed manifestation, but all there, all capable of

review, as we can review our own thought-images,

though we have not yet attained to the divine power,

so strikingly voiced by the Prophet Muhammad,

as: "He only saith to it: 'Be,' and it is'/-


Yet, as

the infant of a day contains within himself the potentialities

of his sire, so do we, the offspring of God,

contain within ourselves the potentialities of Divinity.

Hence, when we resolutely turn the Soul away

from earth and concentrate his attention on the

Spirit the substance whereof he is the shadow in

the world of matter the Soul may reach the * Memory

of Nature, ' the embodiment in the material world

of the Thoughts of the LOGOS, the reflection, as it

were, of His Mind. There dwells the Past in everliving

records; there also dwells the Future, more

difficult for the half-developed Soul to reach, because

not yet manifested, nor yet embodied, though

quite as 'real'. The Soul, reading these records,

may transmit them to the body, impress them on the

brain, and then record them in words and writings.

When the Soul is merged in the Spirit as in the

case of "men made perfect,

" of Those who have

1AI Quran, xi. 37.


completed human evolution, the Spirits who are



' or 'saved 11 then the touch with the

divine Memory is immediate, direct, ever available,

and unerring. Before that point is reached, the

touch is imperfect, mediate, subject to errors of

observation and transmission.

The writers of this book, having been taught the

method of gaining touch, but being subject to the

difficulties involved in their uncompleted evolution,

have done their best to observe and transmit, but are

fully conscious of the many weaknesses which mar

their work. Occasional help has been given to them

by the Elder Brethren, in the way of broad outlines

here and there, and dates where necessary.

As in the case of the related books which have

preceded this in the Theosophical movement, the

"treasure is in earthen vessels,


and, while gratefully

acknowledging the help graciously given, they

take the responsibility of all errors entirely on themselves.

irFhe terms used by Hindus and Christians respectively

to mark the end of purely human evolution.





Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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WHENCE comes man and whither goes he t In the

fullest answer we can only say : Man, as a spiritual

Being, comes forth from God and returns to God;

but the Whence and Whither with which we deal here

denote a far more modest sweep. It is but a single

page of his life-story that is copied out herein, telling

of the birth into dense matter of some of the Children

of Man What lies beyond that birthing, still

unpenetrated Night? and following on their growth

from world to world to a point in the near future but

some few centuries hence What lies beyond that

cloud-flush in the dawning, still unrisen Day?

And yet the title is not wholly wrong, for he who

comes from God and goes to God isjijgj; precisely

'Man'. That Eay of the divine Splendour which

comes forth from Divinity at the beginning of a manifestation,

that "fragment of Mine own Self, transformed

in the world of life into an immortal Spirit,"


is far more than Man. Man is but one stage of his

unfolding, and mineral, vegetable, animal, are but

stages of his embryonic life in the womb of nature,

ere he is born as Man. Man is the stage in which

*Bhagavad-Gitat xv. 7.

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales. UK. CF24 - 1DL


Spirit and Matter struggle for the mastery, and when

the struggle is over and Spirit has become Lord of

Matter, Master of life and death, then Spirit enters

on his superhuman evolution, and is no longer Man,

but rather Superman.

Here then we deal with him only as Man: with

Man in his embryonic stage, in the mineral, vegetable

and animal kingdoms ; with Man in his development

in the human kingdom ; with Man and his worlds, the

Thinker and his field of evolution.

In order to follow readily the story told in this

book, it is necessary for the reader to pause for a few

minutes on the general conception of a Solar System,

as outlined in Theosophical literature,

1 and on the

broad principles of the evolution therein carried on.

This is not more difficult to follow than the technical

terminology of every science, or than other cosmic

descriptions, as in astronomy, and a little attention

will easily enable the student to master it. In all

studies of deep content, there are ever dry preliminaries

which have to be mastered. The careless reader

finds them dull, skips them, and is, throughout his

subsequent reading, in a more or less bewildered and

confused condition of mind; he is building his house

without a foundation, and must continually be shoring

it up. The careful reader faces these difficulties

bravely, masters them once for all, and with the

knowledge thus gained he goes easily forward, and

the details he meets with later fall readily into their

*The student may find it in H. P. Blavatsky's The Secret

Doctrine, A. P. Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism, and Growth of

the Soul, Annie Besant's The Ancient Wisdom, etc. There

are minor differences such as H. P. Blavatsky's and A. P.

Sinnett's naming of the globes of the earth-chain but the

^ain facts are identical.




places. Those who prefer the first plan, had better

miss the present Chapter, and go on to Chapter II ;

the wiser readers will give an hour to mastering

what follows.

That great Sage, Plato, one of the world's masterintellects,

whose lofty ideas have dominated European

thought, makes the pregnant statement: "God


" The more we know of Nature, the

more we realise this fact. The leaves of plants are

set in a definite order of succession, 1/2, 1/3, 2/5, 3/8,

5713, and so on. The vibrations that make the successive

notes of a scale may be correspondently

figured in a regular series. Some diseases follow a

definite cycle of days, and the 7th, the 14th, the 21st,

mark the crises that result in continued physical life

or in death. It is useless to multiply instances.

There is, then, nothing surprising in the fact that

we find, in the order of our Solar System, the continual

recurrence of the number Seven. Because of

tins, it has been called a 'sacred number'; a 'significant

number' would be a better epithet. The

moon's life divides itself naturally into twice seven

days of waxing and an equal number of waning, and

its quarters give us our week of seven days. And

we find this seven as the root-number of our Solar

System, dividing its departments into seven, and

these again divided into subsidiary sevens, and these

into other sevens, and so on. The religious student

will think of the seven Ameshaspentas of the Zoroastriaii,

of the seven Spirits before the throne of God

of the Christian: the Theosophist of the supreme

Triple Logos of the system, with His Ministers ; the

'These have been called Planetary Logoi, but the name

often causes confusion, and is therefore here dropped.

Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales. UK. CF24 - 1DL


"Rulers of seven Chains" round Him, each ruling

His own department of the system as a Viceroy

for an Emperor. We are concerned here with but

one department in detail. The Solar System contains

ten of these, for while rooted in the seven,

it develops ten departments, ten being therefore,

by Mystics, called the *

perfect number'. Mr. A. P.

Sinnett has well named these departments ' Schemes

of Evolution,' and within each of these Schemes

humanities are evolving or will evolve. We will

now confine ourselves to our own, though never

forgetting that the others exist, and that very highly

evolved Intelligences may pass from one to another.

In fact, such visitors came to our earth at

one stage of its evolution, to guide and help our newly-

born humanity.

A Scheme of Evolution passes through seven

great evolutionary stages, each of which is called a

Chain. This name is derived from the fact that a

Chain consists of seven Globes, mutually interrelated

; it is a chain of seven links, each link a globe. The

seven Schemes are shown in Diagram I, around the

central sun and at any one period of time only one

of the rings in each Scheme will be active ; each ring

of each of these seven Schemes is composed of seven

globes; these are not figured separately but form

what we here have drawn as a ring, in order to save

space. The globes are shown in the next Diagram.

In Diagram II we have a single Scheme, figured

in the seven stages of its evolution, i.e., in its seven

successive Chains; it is now shown in relation to

five of the seven spheres, or types, of matter existing

in the Solar System ; matter of each type is composed

of atoms of a definite kind, all the solids, liquids,


5 *


tf o


gases, and ethers of one type of matter being aggregations

of atoms of a single kind;

1 this matter

is named according to the mood of consciousness to

which it responds: physical, emotional, mental, intuitional,


2 In the first Chain, its seven

Worlds, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, are seen arranged:


A and G, the root-world and the seed-world, are on

the spiritual plane, for all descends from the

higher to the lower, from the subtle to the dense, and

climbs again to the higher, enriched with the gains

of the journey, the gains serving as seed for the

next Chain; B and F are on the intuitional plane,

one gathering and the other assimilating; C and F

are on the higher mental, in similar relationship;

D, the turning point, the polntfof balance between

the ascending and descending arcs, is in the lower

part of the mental plane. These pairs of globes

in every Chain are ever closely allied, but the one

is the rough sketch, the other the finished picture.

In the second Chain, the globes have all sunk one

stage lower into matter, and D is on the emotional

plane. In the third Chain, they have sunk yet one

stage further, and D reaches the physical plane.

'See Occult Chemistry, Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater,

pp. 5 11.


Physical matter is the matter with which we are daily

dealing in our waking life. Emotional matter is that which

is set vibrating by desires and emotions, and is called astral

in our older books, a name we retain to some extent. Mental

matter is that which similarly answers to thoughts. Intuitional

matter (buddhic, in Samskrt) is that which serves as

medium for the highest intuition and all-embracing love.

Spiritual matter (atmic) is that in which the creative Will

is potent.

3The top left-hand globe is A ; the next lower is B ; and

so on up to G, the top right-hand globe.


In the fourth Chain, and on the fourth only, the midmost

Chain of the seven, the most deeply involved

in densest matter, the turning point of the Chains

as is D of the globes, there are three of the globes

C, D, and E on the physical plane. On the return

journey, as it were, the ascent resembles the descent:

in the fifth Chain, as in the third, there is one physical

globe; in the sixth, as in the second, globe D

is emotional ; in the seventh, as in the first, globe D

\s mental. With the ending of the seventh Chain the

Scheme has worked itself out, and its fruitage is


The seven Schemes of our Solar System may, for

convenience sake, be named after the globe D of

each, this being the globe best known to us; these

are : Vulcan, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus,

Neptune (see Diagram I). In the Scheme to which

our Earth belongs, the Chain which preceded our

terrene Chain was the third of its series, and its

one physical globe, globe D, was the globe which is

now our Moon; lifence the third Chain is called the

lunar, while the second and first Chains are designated

only by numbers; our Earth Chain, or terrene

Chain, is the fourth in succession, and has therefore

three of its seven globes in physical manifestation,

its third globe, C, being what is called the

planet Mars, and its fifth globe, E, what is called

the planet Mercury. The Neptunian Scheme also,

tfith Neptune as its globe D, has three globes of

\ts Chain in physical manifestation C and E being

the two physical planets connected with it, the existence

of which was mentioned in Theosophical literature

before they were recognised by Science and

hence has reached the fourth Chain of its series.





The Venusian Scheme is reaching the end of its

fifth Chain, and Venus has consequently lately lost

her Moon, the globe D of the preceding Chain.1 It

is possible that Vulcan, which Herschel saw, but

which, it is said, has now disappeared, is in its sixth

Chain, but on that we have no information, either

direct or mediate. Jupiter is not yet inhabited, but

its moons are, by beings with dense physical bodies.

Diagrams III and IV2

represent the relationships

between the seven Chains within a Scheme, showing

the evolutionary progress from Chain to Chain.

Diagram III should be first studied; it is merely a

simplification of Diagram IV2

, which is a copy of

one drawn by a Master; this though at first sight

somewhat bewildering will be found very illuminative

when understood.

Diagram III places the seven Chains in a Scheme

as columns standing side by side, in order that the

divine Life-Streams, figured by the arrows, may be

traced from kingdom to kingdom in their ascent.

Each section in a column represents one of the seven

kingdoms of nature three elemental, mineral, vegetable,

animal, human.3 Follow Life-Stream 7, the

only one which goes through the seven kingdoms

within the Scheme; it enters the first Chain at the

*It may be remembered that the Moon of Venus was seen

by Herschel.

2See frontispiece, Diagram IV.

SThe "elemental" kingdoms are the three stages of life on

its descent into matter involution and the seven kingdoms

might be figured on a descending and ascending arc,

like Chains and globes :

1st Elemental Human

2nd Elemental Animal

3rd Elemental Vegetable


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first Elemental Kingdom, and there develops during

the life-period of the Chain; it passes into the second

Elemental Kingdom on the second Chain, and

develops therein during its life-period; it appears

in the third Elemental Kingdom on the

third Chain, and enters the Mineral on the fourth;

it then successively develops through the Vegetable

and Animal Kingdoms on the fifth and sixth Chains,

nnd attains the Human in the seventh. The whole

Scheme thus provides a field of evolution for a

stream of the divine Life from its ensouling of matter

up to man.1 The remaining streams have either

commenced in another Scheme and enter this at the

point of evolution therein reached, or enter this too

late to reach the human kingdom herein.

The study of Diagram IV must be begun by realising

that the coloured circles are not seven Chains

of globes, as might be expected, but the seven Kingdoms

of Nature in each successive Chain, and therefore

correspond with the sections of columns in Diagram

TIL We have here a whole Scheme of Evolution,

with the place of each Kingdom shown in each

Chain. The student should select a line of any

colour in the first circle and trace it carefully onwards.

Let us take the blue circle at the top lefthand,

pointed out by the arrow; it represents the first

Elemental Kingdom on the first Chain. Leaving the

irrhese seven Life-Stroaras and the six additional ingresses

for the lowest Elemental Kingdom in the remaining

six Chains, thirteen in all, are the successive impulses which

make up, for this Scheme, what Theosophists call the * second

Life-wave,' i.e., the form-evolving current of Life from the

Second LOGOS, the Vishnu of the Hindu, the Son of the

Christian, Trinities.


first Chain for the second the next ring of coloured

circles this blue stream divides on arriving there;

its least advanced part, which is not ready to go on

into the second Elemental Kingdom, breaks off from

the main stream and goes again into the first Elemental

Kingdom of this second Chain, joining the

new Life-stream coloured yellow and marked with

an arrow which enters on its evolution in that Chain,

and being merged in i


; the main blue stream goes on

into the second Elemental Kingdom of this second

Chain, receiving into itself some laggards from the

second Elemental Kingdom of the first Chain, assimilating

them, and carrying them on with itself;

it will be noticed that only a blue stream leaves this

Kingdom, the foreign elen ents having been completely

assimilated. The blue stream flows on into the third

Chain, divides, leaves its laggards to continue in the

second Elemental Kingdom in the third Chain, while

the bulk goes on to form th? third Elemental Kingdom

of this third Chain ; again it receives some laggards

from the third Elemental Kingdom of the

second Chain, assimilates tlem, and carries them

on with itself, an undiluted blue stream, into the

Mineral Kingdom of the fourth Chain; as before, it

leaves some laggards to evolve themselves in the

third Elemental Kingdom of the fourth Chain, and

receives some from the Mineral Kingdom of the

third Chain, assimilating them as before. It has

now reached its densest point in evolution, the

Mineral Kingdom. Leaving this we still follow

the blue line it climbs into the Vegetable Kingdom

of the fifth Chain, sending off its laggards to the

Mineral Kingdom of this Chain, and taking up

the laggards of the Vegetable Kingdom of the

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fourth Chain. Again it climbs upwards, now

into the Animal Kingdom of the sixth Chain,

leaving its insufficiently developed vegetables

to complete that stage of their evolution in

the Vegetable Kingdom of the sixth Chain, and

receiving undeveloped animals from the fifth Chain

into its own Kingdom. Lastly, it completes its long

evolution by entering the Human Kingdom on the

seventh Chain, dropping its too undeveloped animals

into the Animal Kingdom of the seventh Chain, receiving

some human beings from the Human Kingdom

of the sixth Chain, carrying them on with itself

to its triumphant conclusion, where human evolution

is perfected and the superhuman begins, along

one or another of the seven paths, indicated in the

blue plume at the end. In another Scheme, those we

left as laggards in the Animal Kingdom of the

seventh Chain will appear in the Human Kingdom

of the first Chain of that new Scheme, and therein

reach perfection as men. They will be in the circle

corresponding to the grey-brown circle with its

plume in the first Chain of the present Diagram.

Each line can be followed in this way from Kingdom

to Kingdom in successive Chains. The life in

the! second, the orange, circle, representing the

second Elemental Kingdom in the first Chain and

having therefore, one stage of life in a Chain behind

it, or, in other words, having entered the stream of

evolution as the first Elemental Kingdom in the

seventh Chain of a previous Scheme (see the top

left-hand circle with arrow in the seventh Chain in

our Diagram) reaches the Human Kingdom in the

sixth Chain and passes on. That in the third circle,

purple, with two Kingdoms behind it in a prevous


Scheme, reaches the Human Kingdom in the fifth

Chain and passes on. That in the fourth, the

Mineral Kingdom, passes out in the fourth Chain.

That in the Vegetable Kingdom passes out in the

third Chain ; that in the Animal in the second ; that

in the Human in the first.

The student who will thoroughly master this diagram

will find himself in possession of a plan into

the compartments of whch he can pack any numbfer

of dfttnils without, in the midst of their complexity,

losing sight of the general principles of aeonian


Two points remain: the sub-elemental and the

superhuman. The Life-Stream from the LOGOS ensouls

matter first in the first, or lowest, Elemental

Kingdom; hence when that same stream from the

first Chain enters the second Elemental Kingdom on

the second Chain, the matter which is to be that of

the first Elemental Kingdom on that second Chain

has to be ensouled by a new Life-Stream from the

LOGOS, and so on with each of the remaining Chains.1

When the Human Kingdom is traversed, and man

stands on the threshold of His superhuman life, a

liberated Spirit, seven paths open before Him for

His choosing: He may enter into the blissful omniscience

and omnipotence of Nirvana, with activities

far beyond our knowing, to become, perchance, in

some future world an Avatara, or divine Incarnation:

this is sometimes called, 'taking the Dharmakaya

vesture'. He may enter on 'the Spiritual

Period' a phrase covering unknown meanings,

14 'My Father worketh hitherto and I work." 8. John v.

17. See in Chapter v. the description of this on our Earth,

when the Spirit of the Moon incarnates therein.

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among them probably that of i

taking the Sainbhogakaya

vesture'. He may become part of that treasure-

house of spiritual forces on which the Agents

of the LOGOS draw for Their work, *

taking the Nirmanakaya

vesture'. He may remain a member of

the Occult Hierarchy which rules and guards the

world in v^hich He has reached perfection. He may

pass on to the next Chain, to aid in building up its

forms. He may enter the splendid Angel Deva

Evolution. He may give Himself to the immediate

service of the LOGOS, to be used by Him in any part

of the Solar System, His Servant and Messenger,

who lives but to carry out His will and do His work

over the whole of the system which He rules. As a

General has his Staff, the members of which carry

his messages to any part of the field, so are These

the Staff of Him who commands all, "Ministers of

His that do His pleasure".

1 This seems to be considered

a very hard Path, perhaps the greatest sacrifice

open to the Adept, and is therefore regarded

as carrying with it great distinction. A member of

the General Staff has ao physical body, but makes

one for Himself by Kriyashakti the 'power to

make' of the matter of the globe to which He is

sent. The Staff contains Beings at very different

levels, from that of Arhatship


upwards. There are

some who dedicated themselves to it on reaching

Arhatship in the Moon-Chain; others who are

Adepts;3 others who have passed far beyond this

stage in human evolution.

The need for the provision of such a Staff arises

*Psalm$, ciii. 21.

2Those who have passed the fourth Great Initiation.

8Those who have passed the fifth Great Initiation.


probably, among many other reasons unknown to

us, from the fact that in the very early stages of the

evolution of a Chain especially of one on the downward

arc or even of a globe, more help from outside

is needed than is required later. On the first

Chain of our Scheme, for instance, the attainment

of the first of the Great Initiations was the appointed

level of achievement, and none of its humanity

attained Adeptship, which is itself nowhere near,

Buddhahood ; it would therefore be necessary to supply

the higher offices from outside. So again later

Chains were helped, and our Earth will have to

provide high Officials for the earlier Chains of other

Schemes, as well as yielding the normal supply for

the later globes and Rounds of our own Chain. Already

from our own Occult Hierarchy two Members,

within our own knowledge, have left our Earth,

either to join the General Staff, or lent by the Head

of our Hierarchy to the Head of the Hierarchy of

some other globe outside our Scheme.

The human beings who, in any Chain, do not reach

by a certain time the level appointed for the Humanity

of the Chain, are its *

failures'; the 'failure' may

be due to youth and consequent lack of time, or to

lack of due exertion, and so on; but, whatever the

cause, those who fail to reach a point from which

they can progress sufficiently, during the remaining

life of a Chain, to attain the required level by its

end, drop out of its evolution before that evolution

is completed, and are obliged to enter the succeeding

Chain at a point determined by the stage already

reached, that they may complete their human course.

There are others who succeed in passing this crucial

point, the 'Day of Judgment' for the Chain, but who

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yet do not progress with sufficient rapidity to reach

the level from which the seven Paths open out.

These, though not *

failures,' have not wholly succeeded,

and they therefore also pass on into the

next Chain and lead its humanity, when that humanity

has reached a stage at which the bodies are sufficiently

evolved to serve as vehicles for their further

progress. We shall find these various classes in our

study, and this is but a bird's-eye view of them; the

details will make them come out more clearly. Only

in the first Chain we noticed no failures dropping

out of its evolution. There were some there who

did not succeed, but if that Chain had its Day of

Judgment, we failed to observe it.

In a single Chain the evolutionary wave sweeps

from A to G, using each globe in turn as the field

of growth; this circling round the Chain is appropriately

named a Round, and seven times the wave

sweeps round, ere the life of the Chain is over, its

work complete. Then the results are gathered up

and garnered, and all form the seed for the succeeding

Chain, save Those who, having finished Their

course as men, and become Super-men, elect to

serve in other ways than in guiding that coming

Chain upon its way, and who enter on another of

the seven Paths.

To conclude these preliminaries. In the Monadic

Sphere, on the super-spiritual level, dwell the Divine

Emanations, the Sons of God, who are to take flesh

and become Sons of Man in the coming universe.

They ever behold the Face of the Father, and are

the Angel-Counterparts of men. This divine Son

in his own world is technically called a /Monad,' a

Oneness. He it is that, as said on p. 1, is " transPRELIMINARIES


formed in the world of life into an immortal Spirit ".

The Spirit is the Monad veiled in matter, triple

therefore in his aspects of Will, Wisdom, and Activity,

being the very Monad himself, after he has

appropriated the atoms of matter of the spiritual,

intuitional and mental sphere, round which his

future bodies will be formed. In the Monad wells

up the intarissable fount of life ; the Spirit, or himself

veiled, is his manifestation in a universe. As

he gains mastery over matter in the lower sphere,

he takes more and more control of the evolutionary

work, and all the great choices which decide a man's

destiny are made by his Will, guided by his Wisdom,

and achieved by his Activity.

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WE have to face what is practically the only great

difficulty of our study at the very outset the evolutionary

cycles on the first and second Chains of

our Scheme. A Master said smilingly as to this:

"Well, you will be able to see it, but it is doubtful

how far you will be able to describe it in intelligible

language, so that others may understand/' The

conditions are so different from all that here we

know: the forms are so tenuous, so subtle, so changing;

the matter so utterly "the stuff which dreams

are made of," that clear voicing of the things seen

is well-nigh impossible. Yet however imperfect the

description, some description must be essayed, in

order to render intelligible the later growth and unfolding;

poor as it must be, it may be better than


A real 'beginning' may not be found; in the endloss

chain of living tilings a link may be studied,

fairly complete in itself; but the metal thereof has

somewhere slept in the bosom of the earth, has been

dug out from some mine, smelted in some furnace,

wrought in some workshop, shaped by some hands,

ere it appears as a link in a chain. And so with

our Scheme. Without previous Schemes it could not

be, for its higher inhabitants began not here their



evolution. Suffice it, that some of the fragments of

Deity, eternal Spirits, who otherwhere had passed

through the downward arc involving themselves

in ever-densifying matter through the Elemental

Kingdoms, and reaching their lowest point began

in the Mineral Kingdom of this first Chain their

upward climbing, their long unfolding in evolving

matter; and in that Chain, learning our first evolutionary

lessons in that Mineral Kingdom, were we

the humanity of our present earth. It is these consciousnesses

that we propose to trace from their

life in minerals in the first Chain to their life in

men in the fourth. Ourselves part of the humanity

of the earth, it is easier to trace this than to trace

something entirely alien from ourselves. For in

this we are but evoking from the Eternal Memory

scenes in which we ourselves played our part, with

which we are indissolubly linked, and which we

therefore can more easily reach.

Seven centres are seen, forming the first Chain,

the first and seventh, as already said, on t^Q spiritual


1 the second and sixth on the intuitional,


the third and fifth on the higher mental, the fourth

on the lower mental. We name them in the fashion

of later globes, A and G, B and F, C and E, and in

the centre D, the turning point of the cycle. In the

first Round of the fourth Chain, which is to some

extent a coarse copy of the first Chain, the Occult

Commentary quoted in The Secret Doctrine says of

the Earth that it was "a foetus in the matrix of

Space," and the simile recurs to the mind. This

Chain is the future worlds in the matrix of thought,



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the worlds that later are to be born into denser

matter. We can scarcely call these centres "globes" ;

they are like centres of light in a sea of light, foci

of light through which light is rushing, wrought

of the very substance of light and only light, yet

modified by the flood of light which courses through

them; they are as vortex-rings, yet the rings are

but light, only distinguishable by their whirling, by

the difference of their motion, like whirlpools made

only of water in the midst of water; but these are

whirlpools of light in the midst of light. The first

and seventh centres are both modifications of spiritual

matter, the seventh the perfected outworking of

the broad outlines visible in the first, the finished

picture outwrought from the rough sketch of the

divine Artist. There is a humanity there, a very

glorified humanity, product of some previous evolution,

which is here to complete its human course on

this Chain (see the top right hand circle in the

first Chain in Diagram IV) ; hereon each entity will

acquire his lowest body in the fourth globe of each

Round the body of mental matter which is the

densest the Chain can give. The level fixed for

achievement on this Chain the nonattainment of

which would imply the necessity for rebirth on the

following Chain is the first of the great Initiations,

or what corresponds to it there. On this first Chain

there are so tar as we could see none who drop

out as failures, and some, as always seems to be the

case in later Chains also, pass far beyond the appointed

level ; in the seventh Round the members of

that humanity who became Initiates entered on one

or other of the seven Paths before-mentioned.

All stages of ego-hood appear to be present on


this Chain, but the absence of the lower levels of

matter to which we are accustomed makes one notable

difference in the evolutionary methods that

strikes the observer : everything not only starts but

also progresses


above,' there being no below and

no ' forms' in the ordinary sense of the word, but

only centers of life, living beings without stable

forms; there are no physical and emotional worlds

in the first three globes not even a lower mental

from which impulses can surge upwards, calling

down the higher in response to ensoul and use the

forms already existing on the lower levels. The

nearest approach to such action is on globe D, where

the animal-like thought-forms reach upwards, attracting

the attention of the subtle centres floating

above them; then more of the life of the Spirit

pulses out into the centres, and they anchor themiselves

to the thought-forms and ensoul them, and

the thought-forms become human,

It is difficult to mark off the successive Bounds;

they seepi to fade one into the other like dissolving


1 and are marked only by slight increases and

diminutions of light. Progress is very slow; one

recalls the Satya Yuga of the Hindu Scriptures,

where a life lasts for many thousands of years without

much change,

2 The entities unfold very slowly,

as rays of magnetised light play upon them; it is

l lt may be remembered that the first and second Races

on our present world also showed something of this peculiarity,

though on a level so much lower.

2The Hindus divide time into cycles composed of four

Yugas, or Ages, that succeed each' other, the Satya, the first

of the series, being the most spiritual and the longest. When

the fourth is ended, a new cycle opens, again with a Satya.


like a gestation, like growth within an egg, or of a

flower-bud within its sheath. The chief interest of

the Chain is in the evolution of the Shining Ones

the Devas, or Angels those who live habitually on

these high levels; while the lower evolutions seem

to play a subsidiary part. Humanity is much influenced

by these, mostly by their mere presence

and by the atmosphere created by them, and occasionally

a Shining One may be seen to take a human

being almost as a toy or as a pet. The vast angelic

evolution helps humanity by its very existence ; the

vibrations set up by these glorious Spirits play on

the lower human types, strengthening and vivifying

them. Looking at the Chain as a whole, we saw it

as a field for this Angel Kingdom primarily, and

only secondarily for humanity; but perchance that

may ever be so, and that it is because we are human

that we regard the world as so specially our own.

On the fourth globe, now and again a Shining One

may be seen deliberately to aid a human being,

transferring matter from his own body into the

human, and thus increasing the responsiveness and

susceptibility of the latter. Such helpers belong to

the class of Form-Angels "Riipa-Devas who live

normally in the lower mental world.

When we turn to the mineral kingdom, we are

among those some of whom will become men on the

Moon Chain, and some on the Earth Chain. The

consciousness asleep in these minerals is to awaken

gradually and to unfold through long stages into

the human.

The vegetable kingdom is a little more awake, but

very dull and sleepy still; the normal progress

herein will carry the ensouling consciousness into


the animal kingdom on the second Chain, and into

the human on the third.

At present, while we must needs speak of these

kingdoms as mineral and vegetable, they are really

composed of mere thoughts thoughts of minerals,

thoughts of vegetables, with the Monads who dream

in them, as it were, floating over them, sending

down faint thrills of life into these airy forms;

these Monads are, it would seem, forced now and

again to turn attention to them, to feel through

them, to sense through them, when some external

touch compels a drowsy notice. These thoughtforms

are as models in the Mind of the Ruler of

the Seven Chains, living within Him, products of

His meditation, a world of thoughts, of ideas; we

see that the Monads who have acquired permanent

atoms in some previous Scheme, and who are floating

over these thought-forms, attach themselves to

them, and become vaguely conscious in and through

them. Vague as this consciousness is there are

differences in it; the lowest grade can scarcely be

called consciousness, the life in the thought-forms

of types resembling what we should now call earth,

rocks, stones. Monads touching these can scarcely

be said to be aware of anything through them, save

of pressure, drawing from them a dull stirring of

life, showing itself as resistance to the pressure,

and thus different from the yet duller life in the

chemical molecules unattached to Monads, and sensing

no pressure. In the next grade, in the thoughtforms

resembling what we should now call metals,

the sense of pressure is stronger and the resistance

to it a little more definite ; there is almost an effort

to push outwards against it, a reaction causing ex22

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pansion. When this sub-conscious reaction is in

several directions, the thought-model of a crystal

is formed. We noticed that when our own consciousness

was in the mineral, we felt only the sub-conscious

re-action ; but passing out and trying to feel

the re-action from outside, it figured itself in our

consciousness as a vague discontent at the pressure,

and a dull resentful effort to resist and push against

it. "I feel a discontented sort of mineral,

" one of

us remarked. Probably the Monadic life, seeking

expression, did vaguely feel displeasure at its frustration,

and this we felt when we came out of the

mineral, feeling it in ourselves as we felt it in that

part of our consciousness which was at that time

outside the rigid form. If we glance hastily forward,

we may see that Monads attached to crystals

do not enter the next Chain in the lowest forms

of vegetable life, but only in the higher, and, passing

through those, enter the Moon Chain at its

middle point as mammals, becoming individualised

there, and taking human birth in its fifth Round.

One most disconcerting fact for observers is that

these '

thoughts of minerals' are not immobile, but

mobile; a hill, which one expects to be steady, will

turn over or float away, or change its form; there

IB no solid earth, but a shifting panorama. It requires

no faith to move these mountains, for they

move of themselves.

At the end of this first Chain, all who attained

the appointed level set for it that which, as said

before, corresponded to our first Initiation entered

on one or other of the seven Paths, one of

these leading to work on the second Chain as

the builders of the forms of its humanity,


playing to it a part similar to that played

later on our earth by the * Lords of the Moon 1



These are called by H. P. Blavatsky 'Asuras,' i.e.,


living beings '; later the term was confined by usage

to living beings in whom intellect, but not emotion

was developed.* Those who did not succeed in

reaching this level entered the second Chain for

their own further evolution at its midmost point

and led its humanity, at the close of that Chain

reaching liberation and being among its i


some of these Lords, in turn, worked on the third

Chain in building the forms of its humanity.

8 The

early humanity on the second Chain was drawn

from the animal kingdom of the first; the animal

kingdom of the second Chain from the vegetable of

the first; while the vegetable kingdom of the second

came from the mineral of the first. The three

'The Barhishad Pitrs of The Secret Doctrine.

2These Asuras acted on the second Chain as Barhishad

Pitrs, and on the third as Agnishvatta Pitrs, and formed

one of the highest classes of the superhuman Manasaputras

who came to our earth, according to The Secret Doctrine.

It must be remembered that these stages are all superhuman

; they apparently indicate the superhuman stages of

the fifth of the seven Paths named on p. 12. In The Secret

Doctrine a difficulty is created by the use of this same name

of Asuras for those who left the lunar Chain from the first

globe of its seventh Round, and who caused trouble on Earth

by 'refusing to create'. Readers of The Pedigree of Man

must correct it by this, and by details given later, for I was

led into a mistake by the double use of the word in The

Secret Doctrine. The human beings can never exist, as such,

on more than two successive Chains. They must have become

Supermen, for such appearance. A. B.

8In the nomenclature of the S. D. becoming its Barhishad


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elemental kingdoms on the downward arc of the first

Chain passed similarly into the second Chain, filling

the mineral kingdom and two of the elemental, while

the first elemental kingdom was formed from a new

impulse of life from the LOGOS.

In the second Chain, the further descent into

matter gives us a globe on the emotional plane, an

astral globe, and the denser material makes things

a little more coherent and comprehensible. We

have then A and G on the intuitional level, B and

F on the higher mental, C and E on the lower

mental, and D on the emotional. On this lowest

globe, things were a little more like those to which

we are accustomed though still very strange and

weird. Thus things with the general appearance of

vegetables moved about with the freedom of animals,

though apparently with little, if any, sentiency.

They were not anchored to physical matter,

and hence were very mobile. The young humanity

here lived in close contact with the Shining Ones,

who still dominated the evolutionary field, and

the Form-Angels and the Desire-Angels Rupa

Devas and Kama Devas strongly, but for the most

part unintentionally, influenced human evolution.

Passion showed itself in many who now had emotional

bodies on globe D, and its germs were visible

in animals. Differences were noticeable in the capacity

to respond to vibrations sent out, consciously

and unconsciously, by the Shining Ones, but changes

were very gradual and progress was slow. Later,

when the intuitional consciousness unfolded, there

was communication between this Scheme and the

Scheme of which Venus is now the physical globe;

that Scheme is a Chain ahead of ours, and some


came to our second Chain from there ; but whether

they belonged to the Venus humanity, or were members

of the '

Staff,' we could not tell.

Great surging clouds of matter, splendid in

colour, were a noticeable feature on globe D in the

first Round; they became in the following Bound

denser, more brilliantly coloured, more responsive

to vibrations which shaped them into forms, whether

vegetable or animal it is hard to say. Much of

the work was on the higher levels, a vitalising of

subtle matter for future use, showing but little

effect on the lower forms. Just as now elemental

essence is used to build emotional and mental bodies,

so then the Form and Desire-Angels were seeking

to differentiate themselves more fully by using these

clouds of matter and living in them. They came

down, sub-plane by sub-plane, into denser matter,

but were not in this using the human kingdom.

Even at the present time a Deva, or Angel, may ensoul

a whole country-side, and such action was very

general then; the emotional and lower-mental matter

formed the bodies of these Angels, changing,

intermingling; and incidentally permanent atoms of

vegetables, minerals, and even animals, rooting

themselves in such Angel-bodies, grew and evolved.

The Angels seemed to take no particular interest

in them, any more than we interest ourselves in the

evolution of microbes within ourselves; now and

then, however, some interest was shown in an animal,

and its capacity to respond increased rapidly

under such conditions.

Studying vegetable consciousness in the second

Chain in which we, who now are human, were living

in the vegetable world we find a dim awareness

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of forces playing on it, and a certain sense of compulsion

towards growth. In some, there was a feeling

of the want to grow, the wish to grow; as one

of the investigators remarked: "I am trying to flower.

" In others there was a slight resistance to the

line of growth impressed, and a vague groping after

another self-chosen direction. Some seemed to try

to use any forces that contacted them, and in their

germinal consciousness held that all around existed

for them. Some tried to push out in a direction

which attracted them, and were frustrated and became

vaguely resentful; one, forming part of a

Deva, was observed to be thus hindered, since the

Deva was naturally arranging things to suit himself,

and not any constituents of his body. On the

other hand, from the obscure view-point of the

vegetable, the Deva's proceedings were as incomprehensible

as the weather is to us in these days,

and often as troublesome. Towards the end of the

Chain, the more highly developed vegetables were

showing a little mind, in fact a fair baby intelligence,

recognising the existence of external animals, liking

the neighbourhood of some and shrinking from

others. And there was a craving for more cohesion,

evidently the result of the downward push of life

into matter of greater density, the Will working in

Nature for descent into denser levels. Without the

physical anchorage the emotional forms were very

unstable, and tended to float about vaguely and

without purpose.

In the seventh Bound of this Chain a considerable

number dropped out from its humanity as failures,

having fallen too far behind to find suitable forms ;

and they went on later into the third, theMoon Chain,


as men. Others reached the level now marked by

the third Initiation, the level appointed for success

on the second Chain, and entered on one of the

seven Paths, one, as before, leading to the next

Chain for work thereon. Those who were not failures,

but had not reached perfect success, went on

to the third Chain, entering it at the Bound suitable

for the stage previously reached. The foremost

from the animal kingdom individualised on the

second Chain, and began their human evolution on

the Moon Chain, passing through its lower kingdoms

very rapidly and becoming men ; they then led evolution

on that Chain until the classes already mentioned

first the failures, and then those who had

not achieved perfect success dropped in from the

second Chain and became successively the leaders.

The foremost from the second Chain vegetable

kingdom entered the Moon Chain Animal Kingdom

as mammals, in its fourth Eound, not passing

through the infusoria and lower animal types

fishes and reptiles; the rest came in, in its first

Round, as animals of the lower types. The consciousnesses

in the second Chain Mineral Kingdom

passed on into the Vegetable Kingdom in the Moon

Chain, and the Mineral Kingdom was filled from the

highest Elemental Kingdom of the second Chain.

As before, the lowest Elemental Kingdom was filled

by a new wave of life from the LOGOS.

An important principle may here be mentioned;

each of the seven sub-planes which make up a plane

is again divided into seven ; hence a body, while containing

matter of all the sub-planes in its constitution,

will show activity only in the subdivisions corresponding

to the number of the Chains or Bounds

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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already experienced, or in the course of being experienced.

A man working in the second Round of

the second Chain will be able to use in his emotional

and mental bodies only the first and second subdivisions

of each sub-plane of astral and mental matter ;

in the third Bound he will be able to use the first,

second and third, though not so fully as regards

the third as he will do when he shall be in the third

Round of the third Chain, and so on. Thus later

on, in our Earth Chain, man in the second Round

was working at and through the first and second subdivisions

of each of the sub-planes, and feebly in the

third and fourth, as he was in the fourth Chain; so

that, while he had matter of all the sub-planes in

him, it was only the two lower subdivisions of the

two lower sub-planes that were fully active, and

through these only could his consciousness fully

work. Not until the seventh Race of our seventh

Round will man possess the splendid body in which

every particle will thrill responsive to himself, and

even then not as perfectly as in later Chains.

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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ON the Moon Chain the third in succession

there is a deeper plunge into matter, and the middle

globe is on the physical plane ; A and Q are on the

higher mental, B and F on the lower mental, C

and E on the emotional, and D on the physical.

This middle globe, the scene of the greatest activity

in the Chain, is still surviving as the Moon, but

the Moon is only what is left of it after much loss

of material, its inner core, as it were, after the disintegration

of the crust, a globe much diminished

in size, on its way to total wreck a corpse, in fact.

Following the evolving consciousnesses which we

have seen as minerals on the first Chain, as vegetables

on the second, we find the crest of the advancing

wave which bears us within it entering the

third Chain as mammals at its middle point, appearing

On globe D, the Moon, in the fourth Bound.

These mammals are curious creatures, small but

extraordinarily active; the most advanced of them

are monkey-like in form, making enormous leaps.

The fourth Bound creatures are as a rule at first

scaly in skin, and later the skin is froglike; then

the more advanced types develop bristles, which

form a very coarse harsh fur. The air is altogether


------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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different from our present atmosphere, heavy and

stifling, reminding one of choke-damp, but it obviously

suits the Moon inhabitants. The consciousnesses

we are following take the bodies of small

mammals, long in body and short in legs, a mixture

of weasel, mongoose and prairie-dog, with a short

scrubby tail, altogether clumsy and ill-finished ; they

are red-eyed, and able to see in the darkness of

their holes; -coming out of the holes, they raise

themselves on their hind legs, which form a tripod

with the short strong tail, and turn their heads from

side to side, sniffing. These animals are fairly intelligent,

and the relations between the lunar animals

and men, in this district at least, seem more

friendly than between wild animals and men on our

earth ; these creatures are not domesticated, but do

not scuttle away when men appear on the scene. In

other parts, where men are mere savages, eating

their enemies when they can get them, and animals

when man-flesh is unobtainable, the wild creatures

are timid, and fly from human neighbourhood.

After this first stage of animal life, comes a spell

as creatures that live much in the trees, the limbs

double-jointed, the feet padded; the feet are curiously

modified, with a thumb-like projection at

right-angles to the limb, like the spur of a cock,

armed with a curving claw; running rapidly along

the underside of branches, the animal uses this to

hold on by, the remaining part of the feet being

useless; but when moving on the ground it walks

on the pads, and the spur sticks out behind, above

the ground level, and does not impede movement.

Other animals, more highly developed than these

and far more intelligent, monkey-like in form, live


habitually in human settlements, and attach themselves

strongly to the men of their time, serving

them in various ways. These become individualized

on globe D of this fourth Bound, and on globes E, F

and G develop human, emotional and mental bodies,

the causal, though fully formed, showing but little

growth. These will leave the Moon Chain in the

middle of the seventh Round, as we shall see, and

thus go through, on the Moon Chain, three Rounds

of development as men. Among these, individualised

in a small community living in the country, are

observed the present Masters, Mars and Mercury,

who are now at the head of the Theosophical Society,

and who are to be the Manu and Bodhisattva1 of

the sixth Root Race on our earth, in the present

fourth Round of the terrene Chain.

The consciousnesses of the animals we are following,

after the death of their last bodies on globe D,

practically slept through the remainder of the

fourth Round and through the first three globes of

the fifth; losing their emotional and inchoate mental

bodies very shortly after the death of the physical

ones, and having no causal, they remained

sleeping in a sort of heaven with pleasant dreams,

without touch with the manifested worlds, the gulf

between them and those worlds unbridged. On

globe D of the fifth Round, they were again thrown

down into bodies and appeared as large monkeylike

creatures, leaping forty feet at a bound, and

appearing to enjoy making tremendous springs

high into the air. In the time of the fourth human

race on this globe D they became domesticated, act-

'The official titles of the Heads the King and the

Priest, the Ruler and the Teacher of a Root Race.

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales. UK. CF24 - 1DL


ing as guardians of their masters '

property and as

playmates of the children of the household, much as

faithful watch-dogs may be now, carrying the children

on their backs and in their arms, and developing

intense affection for their human masters; the

children nestled delightedly in their thick soft fur,

and enjoyed the huge bounds of their faithful guardians.

One scene may act as a type of the individualisation

of such creatures.

There is a hut in which dwells a Moon-man, his

wife and children; these we know in later times

under the names of Mars and Mercury, the Mahaguru

and Surya.

1 A number of these monkey-creatures

live round the hut, and give to their owners

the devotion of faithful dogs ; among them we notice

the future Sirius, Herakles, Alcyone and Mizar, to

whom we may give their future names for the purpose

of recognition, though they are still nonhuman.

Their astral and mental bodies have grown

under the play of their owners f human intelligence,

as those of domesticated animals now develop under

our own; Sirius is devoted chiefly to Mercury,

Herakles to Mars; Alcyone and Mizar are passionately

altached servants of the Mahaguru and


One nigh^ there is an alarm ; the hut is surround-

'See 'Rents in the Veil of Time 1 in The Theosophist of

1910, 1911. The Mahaguru is the Lord Gautama, Surya is

the Lord Maitreya. Why did these animals come into this

close connection with those who were to be their Masters on

the then far-off Earth? Had they been plants tended by

them, as we tend our plants now, in the higher cases for

the Lords Gautama and Maitreya were men on the second

Chain or in the lower cases animals and plants that had

an affinity for each other?


ed by savages, supported T>y their domesticated

animals, fierce and strong, resembling furry lizards

and crocodiles. The faithful guardians spring up

around their masters' hut and fight desperately in

its defence; Mars comes out and drives back the

assailants, using some weapon they do not possess ;

but, while he drives them backward, a lizard-like

creature darts behind him into the hut, and catching

up the child Surya, begins to carry him away.

Sirius springs at him, bears him down, and throws

the child to Alcyone, who carries him back into the

hut, while Sirius grapples with the lizard, and, after

a desperate struggle, kills it, falling senseless,

badly mangled, over its body. Meanwhile a savage

slips behind Mars and stabs at his back, but Herakles,

with one leap, flings himself between his master

and the weapon, and receives the blow full on his

breast, and falls, dying. The savages are now flying

in all directions, and Mars, feeling the fall of

some creature against his back, staggers, and, recovering

himself, turns. He recognises his faithful

animal defender, bends over his dying servant, and

places his head in his lap.

The poor monkey lifts his eyes, full of intense

devotion, to his master 's face, and the act of service

done, with passionate desire to save, calls down a

stream of response from the Will aspect of the

Monad in a fiery rush of power, and in the very

moment of dying the monkey individualises, and

thus he dies a man.

Our damaged monkey, Sirius, has been very much

chewed up by his lizard-enemy, but is still living,

and is carried within the hut; he lives for a considerable

time, a crippled wreck, and can only drag

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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himself about with difficulty. It is touching to see

his dumb fidelity to his mistress; his eyes follow

her everywhere as she moves about; the child Surya

nurses him tenderly, and his monkey comrades, Alcyone

and Mizar, hang round him; gradually his

intelligence, fed by love, grows stronger, until the

lower mind, reaching up, draws down response from

the higher, and the causal body flashes into fteing,

shortly before his death. Alcyone and Mizar live on

after his death for some time, one-pointed devotion

to the Mahaguru and Surya their most marked

characteristic, until the emotional body, instinct

with this pure fire, calls down an answer from the

intuitional plane, and they also reach individualisation,

and pass away.

These cases are good instances of the three great

types of methods of individualisation,

1 in each of

which the downflow of the higher life is through

one aspect of the Triple Spirit, through Will,

through Wisdom, through active Intellect. Action

reaches up and calls down Will; Love reaches up

and calls down Wisdom; Mind reaches up and calls

down Intellect. These are the three 'Eight Ways'

of Individualisation. Others there are, that we shall

turn to in a moment, reflexions of these in denser

matter, but these are * Wrong Ways' and lead to

much sorrow.

Henceforth these consciousnesses that we have

been specially following are definitely human, and

have the same causal bodies which they still use;

they are in globe E as human beings, but are not

taking any definite part in its ordinary life. They

'See on this C. W. Leadbeater's 'Modes of Individualisation/

in The Inner Life, vol. ii, 6.


float about in its atmosphere like fishes in water,

but are not sufficiently advanced to share in its

normal activities. The new emotional body on

globe E is produced by a kind of protuberance

formed round the emotional permanent atom; the

newly individualised are not born as children of its

inhabitants, who, it may be said in passing, are not

prepossessing in appearance; their real progress

as human beings cannot be said to begin until they

land again on globe D in the sixth Round. Some

consolidation and improvement there certainly is

in the emotional body floating in the atmosphere

of globe E, in the mental similarly floating in that

of globe F, and in the causal likewise in that of

globe G-. This improvement is shown in the descent

through the atmospheres of globes A, B and C of

the sixth Round, wherein the matter drawn into

each body is better of its kind, and is more coherent.

But, as said, the effective progress is on globe

D, whereon physical matter is once more donned.

Among the advanced animals in this fifth Round,

living in contact with primitive human beings, there

are some who are of interest because they later drift

together into a type founded on a similarity of the

method of individualisation. They individualise in

one of the ' Wrong Ways' aforesaid. They try to

imitate the human beings among whom they are, in

order to gain credit for superiority with their fellow-

animals, strutting about, full of vanity, and


* showing off'. They are monkey-like

creatures, much like those previously observed, but

distinctly cleverer and with more imaginative, or,

at least, imitative faculty, and they play at being

human beings, as children play at being grown up.

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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They individualise by this intense vanity, which

stimulates the imitative faculty to an abnormal degree,

and causes a strong feeling of separation, an

emphasising of the dawning *P of the animal, until

the effort to be distinguished from others calls

down an answer from the higher levels, and the

ego is formed. But the effort to rise above their

fellows, without either admiration or love for any

one above them, to rise only in order that they

may look down, does nothing to change animal

passions into human emotions, and lays no foundation

folr future harmonious growth of 'the emotional

and intellectual natures. They are independent,

self-centered, self-sufficient, each thinking of

himself only, with no thought of co-operation, or

union for a common purpose. When they die,

after becoming individualised, they dneam away

the interval between death and rebirth on globe D

in the sixth Bound, much in the same way as did

the other individualised animals described, but

with one difference a difference of enormous import

to the lines of growth that in the previous

cases the new human beings had their minds fixed

lovingly on their adored owners of globe D, and

their emotions were thus strengthened and improved,

whereas those individualised by vanity

fixed their minds only on themselves and their own

excellences, and hence had no emotional growth of


Another set of animals is individualised by admiration

of the human beings with whom' they come

into contact, and they also seek to imitate them,

not because they wish to outstrip their fellows, but

because they regard the human beings as superior


and wish to he like them. There is no strong love

of them or wish to serve them, but there is much

desire to be taught and great readiness to obey,

growing out of the admiration felt for them as

superior beings. They are trained by their owners,

first to perform tricks and then to do trifling services,

and in this way they grow into a certain

sense of co-operation with their owners; they try

to please them and to win their approval, not because

they care specially for them, but because the

permitted co-operation, resulting from the approval

won, brings them nearer to the greater beings with

whom they work. When they individualise through

the growth of intelligence, the intellect is ready

to submit to discipline, to co-operate, to see the advantages

of united effort, and the necessity for

obedience. They carry into their intermediate existence

this sense of united work and willingness

to submit to direction, to their own great advantage

in the future.

Another type is developed along a most unfortunate

line, that of mind rendered keen and alert

by fear; animals hunted for food or owned by

savage types of men, and 6ften cruelly treated,

may reach individualisation by efforts to escape

cruelty, by planning how to escape when chased ; they

develop craft and cunning and similar faculties,

showing a distorted ingenuity bred of fear, with

much suspicion, distrust and revengefulness. When

the mind has been thus strengthened to a certain

point in contact with man, albeit along most undesirable

lines, individualisation results; in one

case we observed that a creature's mate was killedf

and there was a great rush of hatred and passionate

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales. UK. CF24 - 1DL


revenge, causing individualisation ; in another a

lynx-like animal individualised by an intense desire

to inflict pain, as yielding a sense of power over

others; but here again the stimulus was a malign

human influence and example. The long interval

between individualisation and re-birth is in these

cases filled with dreams of successful escapes, of

treacherous revenges, and of cruelties inflicted on

those who misused them during their last animal

lives. The unfortunate result throws responsibility

on the man who caused it, and makes a link in

future lives; it would perhaps be not unreasonable

to regard all such individualisations as premature

"taking the human shape too soon". We shall

find these types again in the sixth Bound, working

out their new humanity along the lines determined

by their respective methods of individualisation. It

would seem as though only the three kinds of individualisations

caused by a downflow from above

were in the Plan, and that the forcing upward from

below was brought about by the wrong-doing of


Ere following both these and our friends of other

types into their lives on globe D on the sixth Bound,

we may glance at the higher civilisation of the cities

of the Moon Chain in this, its fifth, Bound. There

were many communities scattered over the globe

leading distinctly primitive lives; some, like those

in the hut already mentioned, who were kindly, although

little developed, fighting vigorously when

attacked, while others were savage, quarrelsome

and continually at war, apparently for the mere

lust of blood-shedding and cruelty. In addition to

these various communities, some large, some small,


some nomad, some pastoral, there were more highly

civilised people, living in cities, carrying on

trades, ruled by settled governments. There did

not appear to be much in the way of what we should

call a nation ; a city and a considerable sometimes

a very extensive area around it, with scattered

villages, formed a separate State, and these States

entered into fluctuating agreements with each other

as to trade, mutual defence, etc.

One sample may serve as illustration. Near what

corresponds to the Equator is a great city but

it looks more like a cemetery with a large extent

of cultivated land round it. The city is built

in separate quarters, according to the class of inhabitants.

The poorer people live out of doors during

the day, and at night, or when it rains, crawl

under flat roofs, reminding one of dolmens, which

lead into oblong holes, or chambers, cut out of the

rocks. These are like underground burrows going

a long way and communicating with each other, a

regular labyrinth; the entrance-door is made of a

huge slab of stone, resting on upright smaller

stones as pillars. These rooms are massed together

thousands of them lining the two sides of one

long circular street, and forming the outside ring

of the city.

The higher classes live in the domed houses within

this ring, built on a higher level, with a wide

terrace in front, forming a ring right round like

the road below; the domes are supported on short

strong pillars, carved all over, the carving showing

a fairly well-advanced civilisation. An immense

number of these domes are joined together

at the lower edge, and make a kind of community

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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city, a belt, with again a circular terrace above its

inner edge. The centre of the city is its highest

part, and there the houses themselves are taller,

with three domes, rising one above another; the

central one has five domes, one on the top of the

other, each successive dome being smaller than the

one below it. The upper ones are reached by steps

inside one of the pillars on the ground floor, and

winding round the central pillar above. It seems

as though these had been hewn out of a pinnacle

of living rock. In the higher domes no provision

seems to be made for light and air. The highest

dome has a kind of hammock hanging from the

centre, and this is the prayer room ; it appears that

any one who is praying must not touch the ground

during his prayer.

This is evidently the highest humanity of the

Moon, who will later become the Lords of the Moon,

reaching the Arhat level, the goal set for the lunar

evolution. They are already civilised, and in one

room a boy is writing, in a script which is wholly

unintelligible to us.

Those of the lunar humanity who in this Bound

were entering on the Path were in touch with a

loftier band of Beings, the Hierarchy of the time,

who had come over from the second Chain to help

evolution on the third. These lived on a lofty and

practically inaccessible mountain, but Their presence

was realised by those on the Path, and was

generally accepted as a fact by the intelligent humanity

of the time. Their disciples reached Them

when out of the body, and occasionally one of Them

descended into the plains, and lived for a while


among men. The dwellers in the central house of

the city just described were in touch with These,

and were influenced by Them in matters of serious


------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
206 Newport Road, Cardiff, Wales. UK. CF24 - 1DL



WE comfc again to Globe D, but now in the sixth

Round, and our individualised animals are born

into it as men of a simple and primitive, but not

savage and brutal, type. They are not handsome

according to our present ideas of beauty hair

ragged, lips thick, noses squat, and wide at the base.

They are living on an island, and food has run short,

so that, in his first fully human life, Herakles appears

on the scene engaged in a vigorous struggle

with another savage for the corpse of an eminently

undesirable-looking animal. Fighting among the

islanders themselves does not seem usual, and only

occurs when food runs short; but there is much of

it in repulsing, from time to time, the invasions

from the mainland, where the savages are particularly

brutal cannibals, fiendishly cruel, and much

dreaded by their gentler neighbours. These unpleasant

neighbours cross the straits on primitive

looking rafts, and pour over the island, destroying

as they go. They are regarded as demons by the

islanders, who nevertheless fight fiercely in selfdefence.

The islanders kill all whom they take

prisoners, but do not, like the mainland savages,

either torture them living, or eat them dead.



These savages of the mainland are from those

who became individualised by fear in the fifth

Round, and among them may be recognised Scorpio,

whose hatred of Herakles, so prominent in future

lives, may here have had its root, as even in this

very primitive humanity they are in opposed tribes

and fight furiously against each other. Scorpio, in

Herakles' second life in this community, leads an

attack on a tribe inhabiting the island, presently to

be mentioned, and Herakles was in a rescue party,

which assailed the savages on their return home,

and succeeded in crushing them, and in saving a

wounded captive of a much more evolved type, who

was being kept for torture.

Among the islanders at this same time we find

Sirius, and also Alcyone and Mizar; there do not

seem to be any special relationships life is communal,

and people live promiscuously 'beyond

those which are formed by personal attractions in

any one life. The intervals between death and rebirth

are very short, a few years at most, and our

savages are re-born in the same community. The

second life shows advance, for help comes from outside

which quickens their evolution.

A stranger lands upon the island, a man of much

higher type and lighter complexion a clear bright

blue than the muddy-brown islanders, who cluster

round him with much curiosity and admiration. He

comes to civilise the islanders, who are docile and

teachable, in order to incorporate them in the

Empire, from the capital city of which he has come.

He begins by astonishing them. He puts water into

a bowl made of the shell of a fruit, and, taking a

small seed-like ball out of his pocket, he drops it

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into the water ; it catches fire and he lights some dry

leaves and presently has a blazing fire, the first fire

seen by the savages, who promptly run away and

climb up trees, gazing down with terrified eyes

at this strange leaping shining creature. He coaxes

them down gradually, and they approach timidly,

and, finding that nothing harmful ensues, and

that the fire is pleasant at night, they incontinently

decide that he is a God, and proceed to worship

him, and also the fire. His influence being thus

established, he further teaches them to cultivate the

ground, and they grow a vegetable, like a species

of cactus^ but red-leaved, which produces underground

tubers, somewhat resembling yams; he cuts

open the thick stems and leaves, dries them in the

sun, and shows them how to make a kind of thick

soup with them. The inside pith of the stems is a

little like arrowroot, and the juice, squeezed out,

yields a coarse sweet sugar. Herakles and Sirius

are close comrades, and in their clumsy ignorant

way discuss this stranger's proceedings, both feeling

much attracted to him.

Meanwhile, a party of savages from the mainland

had attacked a tribe living at some distance

from the settlement of our tribe, had killed most

'of the men, carrying off a few as prisoners, with all

the women of marriageable age and the children,

and killing the elder women ; the children were carried

off as animals might have been merely as

specially delicious food. A wounded fugitive arrived

at the village with the news, and implored the

fighting men to rescue the unhappy captives; Herakles

and a troop went off, not averse to a fray,

and falling on the savages when, they were heavy

with gormandising, succeeded in killing the whole


band, with the exception of Scorpio, who was absent.

In a hut they found a wounded man, evidently, from

his colour, of the same race as the stranger who

had come to the island, who was being kept with a

view to torture, and subsequent feasting on what

remained of him. He was lifted on a litter of

crossed spears if long sharpened sticks may be so

designated and carried back to the island, with

two or three rescued captives, and the younger women

who had been kept alive. Sorely wounded as

he was, he gave a cry of joy on recognising the

stranger, a well-loved friend from the same city as

himself, and he was taken into the stranger's hut.

There he remained until well, and recounted how

he had been sent to exterminate the savage tribes

on the mainland coasts ; his army had been surrounded

and annihilated instead, himself and some of his

officers and men having been captured alive. They

had been put to death with horrible tortures, but

he was left for awhile to gain strength, being too

weak to promise amusement by long resistance to

torture, and had thus been saved. Herakles nursed

him in his rude way with dog-like devotion, and sat

for hours listening as the friends Mars and Mercury

talked together in. a tongue to him wholly

unknown. Mercury was something of a doctor, and

his friend grew rapidly better under his care, his

wounds healing and his strength returning.

The people were becoming a little more civilised

under the influence of Mercury, and when Mars,

recovered, decided to return to the city, Mercury

resolved to remain awhile with the devoted tribe

he was educating. An expedition was sent off to

convoy Mars through the dangerous belt inhabited

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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by the man-eating savages, and a small escort

accompanied him as far as the city, Herakles

insisting on becoming his servant, and refusing to

leave him. There was much rejoicing in the city

on his return, as the people had thought him dead;

the news of the destruction of his army and of his

own narrow escape roused great excitement, and

preparations for a new expedition were at once set

on foot.

The city was distinctly civilised, with large and

handsome Buildings in the better quarters, and an

immense number of shops. There were many domesticated

animals, some of them used for draught

purposes and for riding. Commerce was carried

on with other cities, and there was a system of

canals connecting the city with many at great distances.

The city itself was divided into quarters,

the different classes inhabiting different parts of it;

in the centre of it the people were of a distinctly

high typo and blue complexion, and the ruler and

his highest nobles were in touch with a group of

people living secluded in a somewhat inaccessible

region. These people, some of whom will be known

later as the Lords of the Moon, were themselves

pupils of still more exalted Beings, who had come

thither from some other sphere. Some of the humanity

of the Moon succeeded in going beyond the

Arhat Initiation, and their superiors were evidently

from a humanity which had reached a far higher


It was from These that an order reached the Ruler

of the city which was the capital of a large Empire

for the extermination of the savages of the

mainland coasts ; the expedition was led by Viraj


who looked much like a North American Indian

with Mars under him, and was an overwhelming

force. Against such a body the poorly armed and

undisciplined savages had no chance, and they were

completely annihilated; Scorpio, once more, was the

chief of a band and he and the men with him fought

desperately to the last. Herakles followed Mars as

his servant and fought under him, and when the

battles were over, and it was decided to transplant

the docile savages from the island to the mainland,

and to incorporate them as a colony of the Empire,

Sirius and Herakles met again, to their mutual delight,

as great according to their small capacity as

the deeper joy of Mars and Mercury on their higher

level. Mercury took his people over to the mainland

and established them there as cultivators of

the soil, and then returned to the city with Mars,

Herakles persuading Sirius who was nothing loth

to accompany them. Thus the two became dwellers

in the city, and there lived to a great age, attaching

themselves very decidedly to their respective

masters, whom they regarded as Deities, as belonging

to a divine race and omnipotent.

The extermination of the savages though done

in obedience to an order that none dared to disobey

was regarded by the soldiers, and even by most of

the officers, as only part of a political plan of conquest,

intended to enlarge the borders of the Empire;

these tribes stood in the way, and therefore

had to be cleared out of it. From the higher standpoint,

a stage had been reached beyond which these

savages were incapable of advancing on the Moon

Chain, bodies suitable to their low stage of evolution

being no longer available. Hence, as they died,

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or wero killed off, they were not re-born, but passed

into a condition of sleep ; many bodies of similarly

low types were annihilated by seismic catastrophes

which laid wjiple districts waste, and the population

of the globe was very much diminished. It was

the 'Day of Judgment ' of the Moon Chain, the

separation between those who were capable and

those who were incapable of further progress on

that Chain, and from that time forward all was

directed towards the pressing forward as rapidly

as possible of those who remained ; it was a preparation

of the* remaining population for evolution on

another Chain.

It may be noted that, at this time, the year was,

roughly, of about the same length as at present;

the relation of the globe to the sun was similar, but

was different as regards the constellations.

The whole tribe partially civilised by Mercury

escaped the dropping out, while in the city, Herakles

and Sirius, together with the households and

dependents of Mars and Mercury1 also just slipped

over the dividing line, by virtue of their attachment

to their respective leaders; they married if the

term may be applied to the loose connections of that

time into the low-class city population, and incarnation

succeeded incarnation in the lower classes

of the more civilised people of the time, with very

little progress, intelligence being very poor and

development very slow. Sirius, in one birth, was

observed as a small tradesman, the shop being a

*In the household of Mars were : Herakles, Siwa, Corona,

Vajra, Capella, Pindar, Beatrix, Lutetia, Theodoros, Ulysses,

Aurora. In the household of Mercury : Sirius, Alcyone, Mizar,

Orion, Achilles, Hector, Albireo, Olympia, Aldebaran,

Leo, Castor, Rhea.


hole ten feet square, in which he sold things of

various kinds. Herakles, twelve lives further on,

was seen as a woman labouring in the fields, advanced

enough to cook her rats and other edibles

instead of eating them raw, and With a whole pack

of brothers as husbands Capella, Pindar, Beatrix,

Lutetia. Women were scarce at the time, and a

plurality of husbands was very common.

Very many , lives later, improvement was visible ;

the members of the above-named groups were no

longer so primitive, and others had come up below

them, but they were only very small employers of

labour, shop-people and farmers, and they did not

go much beyond that stage on the Moon. In one

life to which our attention was attracted by the

curious agricultural proceedings, Sirius was the wife

of a small farmer, who employed other men. The

harvest was rather a nightmare. Much of the vegetation

belonged to what we should now call the fungus,

family, but gigantic and monstrous. There

were trees which grew to a great height in a single

year, and which were semi-animal. The cut-off

branches writhed like snakes and coiled round the

axe-wielders, contracting as they died; red sap,

like blood, gushed out under the strokes of the axe,

and the texture of the tree was fleshy; it was carnivorous,

and during its growth, seized any animal

that touched it, coiling its branches round it like an

octopus, and sucking it dry. The harvesting of this

crop was considered to be very dangerous, and only

very strong and skilful men took part in it. When

the tree was cut down and the branches lopped off,

they were left to die ; then, when all movement had

ceased, the rind was stripped off and was made in50

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to a kind of leather, and the flesh cooked and eaten.

Many of the growths we must call plants were

semi-animal and semi-vegetable; one had a large

ambrella-like top, with a slit in the middle which

allowed the two halves, armed with teeth, to open

out; it bent over, with these jaws gaping open,

hanging above the ground, and any animal brushing

against it was seized, and the two halves

closed over it; then the stem straightened itself,

and the closed halves again formed the umbrella

surface, while the animal within them was slowly

sucked dry. These were cut down when the jaws were

above and closed, and the skill required consisted

in leaping out of reach, as the top swooped downwards

to seize the aggressor.

Insect life was voluminous and gigantic, and

served largely as food to the carnivorous trees.

Some insects were fully two feet long, and of most

formidable aspect, and were greatly dreaded by the

human inhabitants. The houses were built as quadrangles,

enclosing very large courtyards; these

were covered in with strong network, and in the seasons

when the large insects were about, the children

were not allowed to go outside these enclosures.

Those who individualised in the fifth Bound by

vanity were born for the most part into city populations,

and life after life they tended to drift together

by similarity of tastes and contempt for others,

even though their dominating idiosyncrasy of vanity

led to much quarrelling and often-repeated ruptures

among themselves. Separateness became

much intensified, the mental body strengthening in

an undesirable way, and becoming more and more


of a shell, shutting out others. The emotional body,

as they repressed animal passions, grew less powerful,

for the animal passions were starved out by a

hard and cold asceticism, instead of being transmuted

into human emotions; sex-passion, for instance,

was destroyed instead of being changed into

love. The result was that they had less feeling,

birth after birth, and physically tended towards sexlessness,

and while they developed individualism to

a high point, this very development led to constant

quarrels and rioting. They formed communities,

but these broke up again, because no one would

obey; each wanted to rule. Any attempt to help

or guide them, on the part of more highly developed

people, led to an outburst of jealousy and resentment,

it being taken as a plan to manage or belittle

them. Pride grew stronger and stronger, and they

became cold and calculating, without pity and without

remorse. When the tide of life flowed onwards

into the fifth globe of emotional matter they remained

in activity for but a short time, the emotional

body being dwarfed until it became atrophied,

and on the sixth globe the mental body became hardened

and lost plasticity, leading to a curious truncated

effect, by no means attractive reminding one,

indeed, oddly, of a man who had lost his legs from

the knee downwards, and had his trousers sewn up

over the stumps.

The type which in the previous Round individualised

by admiration, and was docile and teachable,

also tended to come mostly into city populations,

and formed the better class of labourers at first,

rising through the lower middle class to the upper,

developing intelligence to a very considerable

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extent. They were free from the excessive pride

of the preceding type the pride which deeply tinged

their auras with orange and showed a clear, bright,

and rather golden yellow. They were not devoid

of emotion, but their emotions, while leading

them to co-operation and to obedience to those

wiser than themselves, were selfish rather than loving.

They saw clearly that co-operation brought

about better results than strife, and they co-operated

for their own advantage rather than with any

desire to spread happiness among others. They

were much more intelligent than the people whom

we have been specially following, and their orderliness

and discipline quickened their evolution. But

they gave the impression of having developed in

their mental bodies (by a clear vision of what was

most to their own advantage) the qualities which

should have had their roots in their emotional bodies,

founded in and nourished by love and devotion.

Hence the emotional bodies were insufficiently developed,

though not atrophied as in the previously

mentioned type. But they also profited little by

their sojourn on globe E, while considerably improving

their mental bodies on globe F.

Globes E, F, and G, were most useful to the

groups of egos who had individualised in one of

the three 'Eight Ways,' and were hence developing

in an all-round, rather than in a lop-sided,

fashion, as was the case with those who individualised

in the 'Wrong Ways,' so far as intelligence was

concerned; but, after all, these egos would be compelled

later to develop the emotions they had in the

early days stunted or neglected. In the long run, all

powers have to be completely developed ; and in gazTHE


ing at the huge sweep of evolution from nescience to

omniscience, the progress or the methods at any particular

stage lose the immense importance which they

appear to have as they loom through the mists of

our ignorancg and propinquity.

As these three globes on the ascending arc of the

sixth Round came successively into activity, very

great emotional and mental progress was made by

the more advanced egos. As only those were embodied

on them who had passed over the critical

period, the 'Day of Judgment' on the Moon Chain,

there were no hopeless laggards to be a clog on

evolution, and growth was steady and more rapid

than before. When the Round was over, preparations

began to be made for the exceptional conditions

of the final Round, the seventh, during which

all the inhabitants, and much of the substance, of

the Moon Chain were to be transferred to its successor,

that in which our Earth is the fourth, or

central, globe.

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THE Seventh Round of a Chain differs from the

preceding Rounds in that its globes, one by one,

pass into quiescence on the way to disintegration,

as their inhabitants leave them for the last time.

When the period arrives for this final departure

from each globe, such of its inhabitants as are capable

of further evolution on the Chain pass on, as

in earlier Rounds, to the next globe; while the

others, for whom the conditions of the later globes

are unsuitable, leave the Chain altogether when they

leave the globe, and remain in a state hereafter to

be described, awaiting re-embodiment on the next

Chain. Thus the stream of departures from each

globe on this Round leaving out any who may

have attained the Arhat level divides into two,

some going on as usual to the globe next in succession,

while others take ship to sail over an ocean,

the further shore of which is the next Chain.

Normally, a man is free to leave a Chain unless

dropped out as temporarily hopeless-^only when he

has reached the level appointed for the humanity

evolved on the Chain. That level in the Moon

Chain, we have already seen, was equivalent to that



which we now call the fourth, or Arhat, Initiation.

But we found, much to our surprise, that, on the

seventh Eound, groups of emigrants departed from

globes A, B and C, while the huge mass of the population

of globe D left the Moon Chain finally ay

the life-wave quitted that globe to roll onwards to

globe E. Only a comparatively small number remained

behind to carry on their evolution on the

three remaining globes, and of these some departed

finally from the Chain as each globe dropped into


It appears that, in a seventh Round, the mighty

Being to whom has been given the title of the 'Seed-

Manu of a Chain* takes into His charge the humanity

and lower forms of living beings which have been

evolving thereon. A Chain Seed-Mann gathers up

into Himself, takes within His mighty far-reaching

aura, all these results of the evolutions on the Chain,

transporting them into the Inter-Chain sphere, the

Nirvana for the inhabitants of the dying Chain,

nourishing them within Himself, and finally handing

them over at the appointed time to the Root-

Manu of the next Chain, who, following out the plan

of the Seed-Manu, determines the times and places

of their introduction into His kingdom.

The Seed-Manu of the Moon Chain appeared to

have a vast plan, according to which he grouped the

Moon-creatures, dividing them, after their last

deaths, into classes, and sub-classes, and sub-subclasses,

in a quite definite way, apparently by some

kind of magnetisation ; this set up particular rates

of vibration, and the people who could work best at

one such rate were grouped together, and those who

worked best at another rate were similarly grouped,

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and so on, when He was dealing with huge multitudes,

as on globe D. These groups appeared to

form themselves automatically in the heaven-world

of globe D, as figures on a vibrating disc form themselves

under the impact of a musical note; but on

the three earlier globes more easily distinguished

lines of cleavage appeared, and people were sent

off by a great Official, evidently working on a definite

plan. The Seed-Manu was aided in His gigantic

task by many great Beings, who carried out His

directions, and the whole vast plan was worked out

with an order and an inevitableness which were unspeakably

impressive. He appeared, among other

things, to be choosing out the Officials for the next

Chain, those who, in the long course of evolution,

would pass ahead of their fellows, and become

Masters, Manus, Bodhisattvas, in the various

Bounds and Races. He evidently selected many

more than would be needed, as a gardener chooses

out many plants for special culture, out of which a

later selection may be made. Most, if not all, of

this choosing was done on globe D, and we shall

return to it when we reach that world. Meanwhile

we will consider globes A, B, and C.

On globe A of the Moon Chain, we see that a part

of the humanity is not taken on to globe B, but is

compelled to leave the Chain because it can make

no further progress on it. The great Official who

has charge of the globe has not been able to evolve

some of the people in the way He desired has, in

fact, found some of the human material too rigid

for further evolution, and so He ships it off when

the life of the globe is over. This boat-load, as we

call it, for the number is not large, consists of our


friends with the orange-hued auras, who have

brought their mental bodies to a point beyond which

they cannot develop on the Moon Chain, except mischievously;

they have so shut themselves into their

mental shell, and have so starved the germs of their

emotional bodies, that they cannot safely descend

any further; moreover they are far too proud

to wish to do so. The causal bodies are a rigid

shell, not a living expanding form, and to let them

pass on into globe B would only mean a fatal

hardening of the lower mental. They are very

clever, but quite selfish, and have cut themselves

off from further progress for the time, save a

progress which would be harmful. The Official is

clearly dissatisfied with these orange-hued people,

and does His best for them by shipping them off;

glancing forward, we see that we shall meet some

of these again in Atlantis, as Lords of the Dark

Face, priests of the Dark Worship, leaders against

the White Emperor, and so on. Meanwhile, they

will rest in the Inter-Chain sphere, self-centred as


The group of people before-mentioned, whose

auras showed the golden-yellow of disciplined intellect,

together with the rest of the inhabitants of

the Chain, passed on to globe B, including some

who had reached the Arhat level on globe A, and

who on globe B became Adepts. From globe B the

golden-yellow group was shipped off, for they also

had not sufficiently nourished the emotional side

to make the formation of a fairly developed emotional

body, possible for them on globe C. Their

willingness to obey shaped for them a fairer future

than that of the orange people, and we meet them

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again in Atlantis as priests of the White temples,

gradually forming emotional bodies of a good type.

Both these first boat-loads enter on the terrene evolution

at its fourth Round, being too advanced to

take part in its earlier stages. It seeifts that it is

necessary on each globe to develop the qualities

which will need for their full expression a body of

the material of the next; so our yellow people could

go no further, but had to be shipped off to the Inter-

Chain sphere.

From globe C went off a small number who had

reached the Arhat level, who had developed to a

lofty point both intellect and emotion, and who

needed no further evolution on the Moon Chain ; they

therefore left it by any one of the usual seven Paths.

One group of these is specially interesting to us,

because they formed part of one division of the

'Lords of the Moon' the group called Barhishad

Pitrs in The Secret Doctrine who superintended

the evolution of forms on our Earth Chain. On

leaving globe C, they went towards the region where

the Earth Cljain was building, to be joined later by

a number of others who also gave themselves to

this work. Globe A of the terrene Chain began to

form as the lifewave left globe A of the lunar Chain.

The Spirit of a globe, when its life is over, takes a

new incarnation, and, as it were, transfers the life

with himself to the corresponding globe of the next

Chain. The inhabitants, after leaving the Chain,

have long to wait ere their new home is ready for

them, but the preparation of that home begins when

the Spirit of the first globe leaves it and it becomes

a dead body, while he enters on a new cycle of life

and a new globe begins to form round him. Molecules

are built up under the direction of Devas,


humanity not being at all involved. The Spirit of

a globe is probably on the line of this class of Devas,

and members of it perform the work of building

globes all through the system. A great wave of life

from the LOGOS builds up atoms in a system by the

intermediary of such a Deva; then molecules are

built, then cells, and so on. Living creatures are

like parasites on the surface of the Spirit of the

earth, and he does not concern himself with them,

and is probably not normally conscious of their

existence, though he may feel them slightly when

they make very deep mines. The Arhats who, leaving

'globe C of the Moon Chain, selected the path

which leads to the Earth Chain, passed, as said, to

the region where globe A of the Earth Chain was

forming; it commenced with the first Elemental

Kingdom, which flowed upwards from the middle

of the globe the workshop of the Third LOGOS as

water wells up in an artesian boring and flows over

the edge on all sides. It came from the heart of

the Lotus, as sap comes up into a leaf. These Lords

of the Moon took no active part at this stage, but

seemed to be looking on at the building of a worlcto-

be. ^Eons later they were joined by some of the

Lords of the Moon from globe G of the lunar Chain,

and these made the original forms on globe A

giving their Chhayas, or Shadows, to make these,

as The Secret Doctrine phrases it and then the

Lives came and occupied the forms in succession.

Globes B and C were similarly built up round their

respective Spirits, as the latter left their lunar predecessors.

Our physical Earth was formed when

the inhabitants left globe D of the Moon Chain ; the

Spirit of the globe left the Moon, and the Moon

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then began to disintegrate, a very large part of its

substance passing over to build up the Earth.

When the inhabitants began to leave the Moon finally,

globes A, B and C of the terrene Chain were already

formed, but globe D, our Earth, could not

go far in its formation till its congener, globe D of

the lunar Chain, the Moon, had died.

The groups which were, as said, small in number

which left the Chain from globes A and B were,

as we have seen, people who had shot on ahead intellectually,

but who had been individualised in the

fifth Round. The Arhats who left globe C had been

individualised in the fourth Round among a city

population, and thus were brought into a civilisation

where the pressure quickened their evolution;

surrounded by more highly advanced people, they

were stimulated into more rapid growth. To be

ready to take advantage of these conditions it is

evident that their development as animals on the

previous Chain must have reached a higher point

than that of those who individualised in the same

Chain in primitive country districts. It seems as

though the humanity of a Chain can only advance

towards and enter the Path, when the individualising

of animals on that Chain has practically ceased,

and when only exceptional cases of individualisation

will occur in the future. When the door of the

human kingdom is shut against animals, then the

door to the Path is opened to humanity.

As said, the groups which left the Chain from

globes A, B and C, were small in number, the mass

of the population on each globe passing on to the

next in the usual way. But on globe D, things became

very different ; there the immense majority of


the population, when the period for the death of the

globe was approaching, after leaving their physical

bodies for the last time, were not prepared for transference

to globe E, but were shipped off to the

Inter-Chain sphere, the lunar Nirvana, to await their

transference to the new Chain preparing for them.

If we compare the other groups launched on the

ocean of space to boat-loads, we have now a huge

fleet of ships launched on that same ocean. The

general fleet leaves the Moon ; only a small population

is left, set aside for reasons which will presently

appear, and these leave globes E, F and G in

small groups, boat-loads only to keep up our metaphor.

The group of egos that we have been following as

samples of the lower humanity of the Moon shows

marks of distinct improvement on globe D; the

causal body is well marked, the intelligence is more

developed, and the affection for their superiors has

deepened and intensified; instead of a passion, it

lias now become a settled emotion, and is their most

distinguishing characteristic. To this group may

be given the name of Servers for although the instinct

is still blind and half-conscious, yet to serve

and please the higher people to whom they have

devoted themselves is now the dominating motive

in their lives; looking forward, we see that this

remains their characteristic through the long series

of lives to come on earth, and they do much

rough pioneer work in the future. They love their

superiors and are ready to obey them,

" without

cavil or delay". A marked change has come over

their physical bodies in this Round; they are now

bright blue, instead of being muddy brown as be62

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fore. They are brought together physically during

their last incarnations on the Moon, and much arranging

is going on for a considerable time before

this: the strengthening of ties between groups of

egos is brought about by guiding them to re-birth

in communities, and a very large number, indeed

most, of the characters in Rents in the Veil of Time

appear here ; and it seems likely that the remainder,

were we able to recognise them, would be among

friends of later days, for these are all Servers,

ready to do whatever they are told, to go whither-soever

they are sent. They are marked out by a

slight downpour of the higher life, which causes a

little expansion of a thread of intuitional matter,

connecting the intuitional and mental permanent

atoms, and makes it a little broader above than below,

like a small funnel ; large numbers of people far

more intelligent than they are do not show this, and

it is connected with the germinal desire to serve,

absent in those otherwise more advanced people.

The group includes many types, and does not consist,

as might be expected, of people of one Ray, or

temperament; there are persons who became individualised

in any one of the three Right Ways,

through the aspects of Will, Wisdom, and active Intellect,

1 each stimulated into action by devotion to

a superior. The method of individualisation comes

in only as a cause of subdivision within the group,

and affects the length of the interval between death

and re-birth, but does not affect the characteristic of

serviceableness. It affects the rate of vibration

of the causal body, which is formed in the several

cases by an endeavour to serve: (1) by an act of

'Atma, Buddhi, Manas.


devotion; (2) by a great outburst of pure devotion;

and (3) by devotion causing an effort to understand

and appreciate. The actual formation of the causal

body is always sudden; it comes into existence as

by a flash; but the preceding circumstances differ

and affect the rate of vibration of the body thus

formed. An act of sacrifice in the physical body calls

on the Will, and there is a pulsation in spiritual

matter; devotion, working in the emotional body1

calls on Wisdom, and there is a pulsation in intuitional

matter; activity in the lower mind calls on

the Active Intellect, and there is a pulsation in

higher mental matter. We shall presently find our

group of Servers subdivided into two by these differences,

the first two forming a sub-group, with

intervals of an average of seven hundred years between

births, and the third ^orming a second group

with intervals of an average of one thousand two

hundred years. This difference will come out on

the Earth Chain at a more advanced stage of evolution,

and the two sub-groups reach the Earth in

the fourth Eound with an interval of 400,000 years

between them, apparently planned to bring them

to birth together at a certain period, when their

joint services would all be required ; so minute in its

details is the Great Plan. This division does not

affect the relation between Masters and disciples,

as pupils of each of the two Masters who are to be

the Manu and Bodhisattva of the sixth Boot Race,

were found in both sub-groups. Thus the germinal

desire to serve, seen by the higher Authorities, is

the mark of this whole group, and the differences in

individualisation, affecting the interval between

lfThe vehicle of desire, Kama.

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death and re-birth, subdivide the group into two.1

At the head of this group stand many whom we

know as Masters now, and high above them are

many who were already Arhats, who transmit to

those below them the orders received from far

mightier Beings. The Manu of the Race it is the

seventh Eace of the globe is in charge, and He is

obeying the orders, carrying out the plan, of the

Seed-Manu, who directs all the preparations for the

transfer of the huge population. Some of the advanced

people know vaguely that some great

changes are impending, but these changes, though

far-reaching, are too slow to draw much attention;

some co-operate unconsciously, but effectively,

while thinking that they are carrying out

great schemes of their own. There is one man,

for instance, who has an ideal community in his

mind, and who gathers together'a number of people

in order to form it ; he is trying to please a Master

who is an Arhat of the Moon, and people are attracted

by him and collect round him, forming a

definite group with a common aim, thus subserving

the Great Plan. We, at our low level, look up to the

Arhats and higher people as Gods, and try, in our

very humble way, to fall in with any indications of

their wishes that we can catch.

This group of Servers, as its numbers die out

*It will, of course, be understood that the seven hundred

and one thousand two hundred years' intervals are 'averages/

and the 'exact' length of each interval will depend

on the length and conditions of the preceding life. There is

this marked difference between the sub-groups, as though

the members of the one lived with greater intensity than

the other in the heaven-world, and thus crowded a similar

amount into a briefer time.


for the last time, having reached the required level

on globe D, is regathered on the mental plane, the

heavenly world, and its members remain there for

an enormous time, having always before them the

images of those they love, notably of the more advanced

egos to whom they are especially devoted.

It is this rapt devotion which so much helps their

development, and brings out their higher qualities,

so that later on they are more receptive to the influences

which play upon them in the Inter-Chain

sphere. They are included in the general mass of

the egos called by H. P. Blavatsky ' Solar Pitrs/ and

by A. P. Sinnett 'First-class Pitrs'. Other huge

multitudes are also reaching the mental world

none being re-born who have reached an appointed

level, which appears to be the possession of a fully

formed causal body and are falling into great

groups under the play of the powerful magnetic

force before mentioned, rayed down upon them by

the Seed-Manu. As strings at different tensions

answer to different notes, so do the causal bodies of

these people and none, as just said, are here exoept

those whose causal bodies are fully formed

answer to the chord He strikes, and they are thus

separated off. People who come forth through the

same Planetary Euler are drafted into different

groups ; friends fall into different groups ; Jione of

the ordinary ties seem to count. The egos are automatically

sorted out and wait on in their own

places, as a crowd, in continental countries, is sorted

off iijto waiting-rooms, to await the arrival of

their own particular train in this case, to use our

former image, to await their own ship.

We noticed especially two of the ship-loads, be66

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cause we ourselves formed part of them; one included

the coming Manu and Bodhisattva, those who

are now Chohans and Masters, together with many

of the Servers who are now disciples, or approaching

that level. These all apparently belonged to the

sub-group with the seven hundred years' average

between earth-lives. Another included many who

are now Masters and disciples, with perhaps half

the persons mentioned in the Rents in the Veil of

Time, all belonging to the sub-group with the one

thousand two hundred years' average. These two

ship-loads contained many, if not all, of those who

are to form the Heavenly Man, and they were then

divided into the two sub-groups. Vaivasvata Manu

and the present Bodhisattva were seen together on

globe D, but they passed on to the higher globes of

the Moon Chain.

This great mass includes: (1) the Servers aforesaid,

a very mixed lot of many grades, united by

one common characteristic. Then (2) there is a

large group of highly developed egos who are approaching

the Path on the line of Service therefore,

but too far ahead of the former group to be

classed with it and who are yet not near enough to

the Path to reach it within the remaining life of

the Chain. Then (3) a huge group of very good

people but people who have no wish to serve, and

are not therefore yet turned towards the Path, and

who will form the bulk of the population of Atlantis

during its good period. (4) A small but striking

group of egos, united by the common characteristic

of highly developed intellectual power, future

geniuses, varied as to character and morals, a group

manifestly destined to leadership in the future, but


not dedicating themselves to Service, nor turning

their faces to the Path. Then three very large

groups: (5) good, and often religious, people merchants,

soldiers, etc., fairly clever, self-centred, thinking

mainly of their own development and advancement,

knowing nothing of the Path, and therefore

with no wish to enter it; (6) bourgeois-commonplaceweak,

a very large group of the type described by the

naming; (7) undeveloped, well-meaning, uneducated

folk, the lowest class who have the causal body

fully formed.

These are all in the heaven-world of the Moon,

awaiting their despatch to the Inter-Chain sphere.

As convulsions begin to rend the Moon, preparatory

to the disruption of its crust, other types pass

also into this world; a very considerable number

of the Solar Pitrs, or First-class Pitrs who are

capable of making further progress on the remaining

globes of the Chain, where we shall meet them

again come on into the heaven-world to await

transference in due course to globe E.

Below these first-class Pitrs comes an immense

class of egos who have not fully formed the causal

body, Mr. Sinnett's i Second-class Pitrs'; a network

has formed itself, connecting the ego and the lower

mind, and, from the appearance of this the name

of 'Basket-works' has been given to them. The

mass of these, when the Moon begins to approach

dissolution, pass out of the body for the last time

on the Moon Chain, and are gathered together in

the emotional world. There they fall asleep, for

they cannot function therein; when this emotional

world of the Moon becomes uninhabitable, they lose

their emotional bodies, and remain inward-turned,

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like bulbs awaiting shipment to another land, to be in

due course shipped off to the Inter-Chain sphere, to

sleep through ages, until the third Round of the

Earth Chain offers a suitable field for their growth.

There are some Basket-works, however, who show

a capacity for further evolution on the Moon Chain,

and they will pass on to the higher globes when

these come into activity, and there form the causal

body, reinforcing the Solar, or First-class Pitrs.

The last class above the animals are the Animal-

Men, Madame Blavatsky's 'First-class Lunar Pitrs,'

Mr. Sinnett's ' Third-class Pitrs'. These are distinguishable

by delicate lines of matter which link

the germinal ego to the dawning lower mind.

They are gathered up, like the Basket-works, in the

emotional world, when they pass out of the body for

the last time on the Moon, and remain unconscious

in the mental world; they are in due time shipped

off, and sleep away aeons of time, and finally reach

the Earth Chain and begin the long work of building

on globe A, working through all the kingdoms

up to the human, and then remaining human through

the succeeding globes of the Round, and through

the following Rounds. Some of these 'Lines,' as

we may name them for distinction, are also held

back when the mass is shipped off, and are sent on

to globe E for further evolution, and become Basketworks,

joining thus the class which was above them.

So far we have followed the fate of the varied

classes of lunar Humanity. Some part of it

dropped out, the failures, in the sixth Round, and

were 'hung-up' until the next Chain gave a suitable

field for further evolution. Some, the orangehued,

left globe A in the seventh Round. Some, the


golden-yellow, left globe B. Some Arhats left from

globes A, B, and C, and some of them went over to

the forming Earth Chain from globe 0. Then we

have the classes that left globe D; those with fully

formed causal bodies, those with basket-work, those

with lines. Those that remained passed on to globes

E, F, and G, some leaving each globe, when they

had made all the progress of which they were capable;

some Basket-works, higher-class Pitrs and

Arhats thus went away from each globe. Most of

the animals went off to the Inter-Chain Nirvana a

regular Noah's Ark; a few, who were capable of

becoming Animal-men, were taken on to the later


The determining cause of these different causal

bodies lies in the stage at which indivisualisation

occurred. In the lower parts of the animal kingdom

very many animals are attached to a single groupsoul,

and the number diminishes as they climb towards

humanity, till in the higher class of animals

there are but ten or twenty attached to a group-soul.

Contact with man may bring about individualisation

at a comparatively low stage; if the animal, say a

dog, has been for a long time in contact with man,

and is one of a small group of ten or twenty, then,

on individualising, a complete causal body is formed.

If there are about one hundred in the group the

sheep-dog stage a basket-work causal body would

be formed; if there were several hundreds pariah

dogs, as in Constantinople or India he would have

the indication of the causal body made by the connecting


These stages remind us of somewhat similar differences

in the vegetable kingdom; the more highly

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developed members of the vegetable world pass

directly into the mammalian animal kingdom. The

decent gentle animal does not become a cruel and

brutal savage, but only a pleasantly primitive man.

The kingdoms overlap, and a really nice animal

may be a more agreeable companion than some human


An entity may stop for a shorter time in the

animal stage and a longer time in the human, or

vice versa. It does not seem really to matter, as it

always 'gets there' in the end, just as longer or

shorter times in the heaven-world work out to the

same stage of progress among men. It is probably

a mere human folly which makes one feel that it

is pleasanter to be the best of one's kind at the

time, and that one would rather have been a banyantree

or an oak-tree than a flight of mosquitoes, a

splendid mastiff than a clay-eating or man-eating


To return. Globes E, F, and G seem to have been

used as a kind of forcing-houses for special cultures,

for enabling some to reach the Path, or attain Arhatship,

who could not accomplish it on globe D,

although in a fair way towards it, and to permit

some, who were approaching a higher stage, to enter

it. They were centres more than globes. Their

population was small, since the bulk of human and

animal kind had been shipped off from globe D, and

was further diminished by the sending off successively

of a boat-load from each globe as it passed into

quiescence. The boat-load from globe E consisted

of some who were already on the Path and who had

there become Arhats, some Basket-works who had

completed the causal body, and some Lines who had


become Basket-works. When these left globe E, the

remaining population, consisting of those below the

Arhat level who could bear the strain of further

forcing, were carried over into globe F. Those who

left passed into the Inter-Chain Nirvana, and were

there sorted out into the classes they had attained,

as late letters with an extra stamp are sorted into

the heaps to which they belong.

A similar process went on upon globe F, and it

was deeply interesting to notice that the Lord Gautama

Buddha and the Lord Maitreya were among

those who passed onwards, both from globe E and

globe F, and reached the first great Initiation on

globe G. They had dropped out in the seventh round

of the second Chain, not being able to bear the

forcing process on globes E, F, and G of that Chain,

the conditions being too strenuous, and only suitable

for those who could attain the prescribed level

of success for that Chain, or could pass from the

class they were in to the class above. They entered

globe D of the Moon Chain in the fourth Bound as

primitive men, with the animals of the second Chain

who were nearly ready for individualisation.

They took together, on globe F, their vow to become

Buddhas, but the arrangements were not the

same as on our earth. There was a kind of Heavenly

Council in a heavenly world the Buddhist Sukhavati

and the great Being to whom they made their

vow and who, as the acting Buddha, accepted it,

was He who is called Dipankara in the books. They

reached Arhatship on globe G, ere leaving the


The Lord Buddha Dipankara came from the fourth

Chain of the Venus Scheme; the physical globe of

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that Chain was the Moon of Venus, which was seen

by Herschel but which has disappeared since his

time. He was one of the members of the General

Staff, spoken of on p. 13, who may be sent to any

Chain needing help. The Lord Dipankara was followed

in the great office of the Buddha by the Buddhas

of the Earth Chain; we know of the Lord Kashyapa,

for instance, the Bodhisattva of the third

Boot Race, taking Buddhahood in the fourth; and

the Lord Gautama Himself, the Bodhisattva of the

fourth Root Race, taking Budhahood in the fifth.

He was succeeded by the Lord Maitreya, the Bodhisattva

of the fifth Root Race, who will take Buddhahood

in the sixth. He will be followed by the

coming Bodhisattva of the sixth Root Race now

known as the Master K. H. who will take Buddhahood

in the seventh.

It must be remembered that Buddha is an Official

who has to superintend much more than a humanity;

He is the Teacher of Devas, Angels, as well as of

men, so the fact that a given humanity may be at

a very low stage of evolution does not do away with

the need for that high office.

We noted also the Master Jupiter rmong those

who entered the Path on globe G.


The human mind reels before the enormous

periods of time concerned in evolution, and one takes

refuge in the old and modern idea that time has

no fixed existence, but is long or short according to

the working of the consciousness of the being conTBE


cerned.1 In the Inter-Chain Nirvana the really working

consciousnesses were those of the Seed-Mann of

the Innar Chain and the Eoot-Manu of the terrene.

What time may be to Their consciousnesses who

may pretend to guess!

The Great Plan is in the mind of the Seed-Manu,

and the Eoot-Manu receives it from Him and works

it out in the new Chain over which He presides. The

results of the evolution in the Chain whose life is

over are gathered up within the aura of the Seed-

Manu, and are arranged, tabulated, filed if one

may use terms drawn from our common life in

perfect order. On these intelligences of many

grades, inward-turned, living a strange slow subjective

life, without idea of time, He pours intermittent

streams of His stimulating magnetism. A

continuous stream would break them into pieces, so it

plays on them and stops, and they doze on for perhaps

a million years, slowly assimilating it; and

then another stream plays on them, and so on and on,

for millions upon millions of years. As we watched

that strange scene, many analogies rose up in our

minds; bulbs laid carefully on shelves, inspected

from time to time by a gardener; cots in a hospital,

visited day by day by a physician. The time drew

nearer and nearer when the great Gardener was to

give out His bulbs for the planting, and the planting

ground was the Earth Chain and the bulbs

were living souls.

'See the suggestive little book, Two New Worlds, by

E. E. Fournier d'Albe.

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MEANWHILE the Earth Chain had been slowly

forming, and the Lords of the Moon had been looking

on at the building as we saw1

; the time had come

for shipping off to the new Chain the first of those

who were to evolve in it during the coming ages.

The Seed-Manu determined the contents of each

shipload and the order of its going, and the Root-

Manu distributed them as they arrived successively

on globe A of the terrene Chain.

The Occult Government of the Chain may here be

briefly sketched, though only in broad outline, so

that the student may realise something of the greatness

of the evolutionary Plan which he is to survey.

At the head is the Seed-Manu of the preceding

Chain, Chakshushas, something of whose vast work

we have seen in the lunar Chain. He is aided by Officials

who report to Him how the members of any

special division have responded to tttfc influences

He has thrown upon them during their stay in the

Inter-Chain Nirvana. Just as the least advanced

in '


' are sent out to perform the task of inhabiting

the most primitive forms, and the more advanced

follow when the forms have evolved to a higher

state, so, out of any special division brought ever

'See Ante, p. 59.



from the Moon and stored in the Inter-Chain Nirvana,

those who have progressed least under His influence

during the time of retirement are sent out

first of their class into the new world.

The Root-Manu of the terrene Chain, Vaivasvata,J

who directs the whole order of its evolution, is a

mighty Being from the fourth Chain of the Venus

Scheme ; two of His Assistants come from the same

Chain, and a third is a high Adept who attained e'arly

in the lunar Chain.2 A Root-Manu of a Chain

must achieve the level fixed for the Chain or Chains

on which He is human, and become one of its Lords ;

then He becomes the Manu of a Race; then a Pratyeka

Buddha; then a Lord of the World; then the

Root-Manu, then the Seed-Manu of a Round, and

only then the Root-Manu of a Chain. He directs the

Manus of Rounds, who distribute the work among

the Manus of Races. Further, each Chain yields a

number of successful human beings, 'the Lords of

the Chain/ some of whom devote Themselves to the

work of the new Chain, under its Root-Manu.

We thus find, for our Chain, seveto classes of

Lords of the Moon, working under our Root-Manu,

drawn from the seven globes of the Moon Chain;

they form one of the two great classes of Helpers

from outside, who are concerned in the guiding of

lfThe Root-Manu Vaivasvata must not be confused with

the Manu Vaivasvata of the Aryan Root Race. The former

was a far loftier Being, as will be seen from the statement

of His long ascent, made in this same paragraph.

2 It must be remembered that when a man reaches the

level appointed for the Chain on which he is evolving, he

may remain upon it and proceed on his further evolution,

as Adepts, attaining now on our globe, may, without leaving

it, reach the higher levels of the Hierarchy.

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the general evolution of the Earth Chain. The

second important class of Helpers from outside are

Those known as the Lords of the Flame, who arrive

from Venus on the fourth globe, in the fourth Round,

in the middle of the third Boot Eace, to quicken

mental evolution, to found the Occult Hierarchy of

the Earth, and to take over the government of the

globe. It is They whose tremendous influence so

quickened the germs of mental life that these burst

into growth, and there followed the great downrush

through the Monad that we call the third Life-Wave,

causing the formation of the causal body, the * birth'

or ' descent of the ego' for all those who had come

up from the animal kingdom; so instantaneous was

the response of the myriad inhabitants of Earth that

They are sometimes said to have 'given', to have

'projected' the spark of mind; but the spark was

fanned into flame, not projected; the nature of the

gift was the quickening of the germ already present

in nascent humanity, the effect of a sun-ray on a

seed, not a giving of a seed.1 By the Lords of the

Flame was concentrated the power of the LOGOS

upon the Monads, as the sun-rays might be concentrated

by a lens, and under that influence the responsive

spark appeared. These are the true Manasaputras,

the Sons of Mind coming, as They did

from the fifth, the mental Bound of Venus the

Sons of the Fire, the Lords of the Flame,2

lThe Secret Doctrine, iii, 560.

2The word Manasaputra is used in The Secret Doctrine

to indicate not only These, but also all egos who are sufficiently

advanced to quicken into activity the germ of

mind in others, as we may now do with animals. The

word thus covers a huge class, containing many varying

grades in evolution.


The seven classes of the Lords of the Moon were

distributed by the Root-Mann over the Earth Chain

to take charge of the Rounds and globes, while the

Manus of Races took special care of the evolution

of Races, each of one Root Race.


The Lords of the Moon from globes A, B, and C

of the lunar Chain were the three classes who watch-,

ed over, without partaking in, the physical construc*-

tion of the globes of our Chain, as they were formed

successively round the Spirit of each globe, as before

described.1 They appear to have superintended

the detailed work of the Lords who attained later.

The lowest class, from globe G, made the primitive

archetypal forms on globe A of the Earth Chain in

the first Round, and guided the Lines who came in

to fill them, and to evolve therein. The next class,

from globe F, superintended the evolution of forms

in the second Round ; that from globe E the similar

evolution in the third; and that from globe D the

similar evolution in the fourth.2

Furtheij, we find

some of the Lords from globe E working on Mars

in the fourth Round, while those from globe D become

active later on the Earth.

When the despatch of the first entities from the

Inter-Chain Nirvana began, the first ships brought

the Lines, and the great mass of animals from globe

D of the Moon Chain ; the first shiploads succeeded

each other at intervals of about one hundred thou-

*See Ante, p. 59.

2 All these are included under the name Barhishad Pitrs

in The Secret Doctrine.

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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sand years, and then the supply stopped, and an

immense period followed, during which the new arrivals,

the pioneers on our Earth Chain, were pursuing

their long journey of the first and second

Rounds and part of the third.

The worlds are curious, like churning whirlpools;

our Earth, the most solid, is hot, muddy, sticky, and

much of its territory does not seem to be anchored

down very firmly. It is seething, and constantly

changing in consistency; huge cataclysms engulf

great multitudes from time to time, and in their

embryonic condition they do not seem very much

the worse for the engulfing, but increase and multiply

in huge caves and caverns, as though they were

living on the surface.

The first Bound of the Earth Chain had its globes

on the same levels as the seventh Round of the

Moon Chain; globe A was on the higher mental

plane, with some of the matter scarcely awakened;

globe B was on the lower mental; globe C on the

emotional; globe D on the physical; globe E on the

emotional again ; globe F on the lower mental ; globe

G on the higher mental. In the second Round the

whole Chain descended, and three globes became

physical, C, D, and E; but the living things on them

were etheric in substance, and pudding-baggy to

borrow H. P. Blavatsky's graphic epithet in form.

Globes C and E, which we now call Mars and Mercury,

had at that time physical matter, but in a glowing

gaseous state.

The human bodies on the Earth during the first

Round were amoeboid, cloudy, drifting things, mostly

etheric, and thus indifferent to the heat; they

multiplied by fission. They seemed to succeed each


other in Races but without separate incarnations,

each form lasting for a Race. There were no births

and no deaths ; they enjoyed an amoeba-immortality,

and were under the care of Lords of the Moon who

had achieved Arhatship on globe G. Some etheric

floating things appeared to be trying, but not very

successfully, to be dreams of vegetables.

The minerals were somewhat more solid, for they

were largely pelted on to the Earth by the Moon in

a molten condition; the temperature might be anything

above 3,500 C. (6,332 F.), for copper was in

the condition of vapour, and it volatilises in an

electrical furnace at this temperature. Silicon was

visible, but most of the substances were protoelements,

not elements, and the present combinations

seemed to be very rare; the earth was surrounded

by huge masses of vapour shutting in the heat, and

hence cooled very slowly. At the Pole there was

some boiling mud, which gradually settled down,

and after some thousands of years a green scum appeared,

which was vegetable; or perhaps it would

be more accurate to say that it would become vegetable

later on.


In the second Round the temperature of globe D

had dropped considerably, and the copper had cooled

down and become liquid, in some places solid.

There was some land near the Poles, but flames burst

out if a hole was made, as at some points on the

sides of the cone of Vesuvius. The pudding-bag

creatures did not seem to mind the heat, but floated

about indifferently, reminding one in their shape of

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wounded soldiers who had lost their legs and had

had their clothes sewn round the trunk ; a blow made

an indentation, which slowly filled up again, like

the flesh of a person suffering from dropsy; the

fore part of the thing had a kind of sucking mouth,

through which it drew in food, and it would fasten

on another and draw it in, as though sucking an

egg through a hole, whereupon the sucked one grew

flabby and died; a struggle was noticed in which

each had fixed its mouth on the other, and sucked

away diligently. They had a kind of flaphand, like

the flap of a seal, and they made a cheerful kind of

chirruping trumpeting noise, expressing pleasure

pleasure being a sort of general sense of bien-etre,

and pain a massive discomfort, nothing acute, only

faint likes and dislikes. The skin was sometimes

serrated, giving shades of colour. Later on, they

became a little less shapeless and more human, and

crawled on the ground like caterpillars. Later still,

near the North Pole, on the cap of land there, these

creatures 'were developing hands and feet, though unable

to stand up, and more intelligence was noticeable.

A Lord of the Moon an Arhat who had attained

on globe F of the Moon Chain was observed,

who had magnetised an island and shepherded on to

it a flock of these creatures, reminding one of seacows

or porpoises, though with no formed heads;

they were taught to browse, instead of sucking each

other, and when they did eat each other they chose

some parts in preference to others, as though developing

taste. The depression which served for mouth

grew deeper into a kind of funnel, and a stomach

began to develop, which was promptly turned inside

out if any alien matter which was disapproved


of found its way in. One turned himself entirely

inside out, and seemed none the worse. The surface

of the Earth being still very uncertain, they occasionally

got burnt or partially cooked; this they

evidently disliked, and if it went too far they collapsed.

The heavy atmosphere made floating their

usual method of locomotion, and this was pleasanter

to look at than the writhing motion adopted on the

ground, recalling the "

loathly worm". Reproduction

was by budding; a protuberance appeared, grew,

and after a while broke off, and led an independent


Their intelligence was infantile, and one was seen

who had aimed at a neighbour with his mouth, and,

missing him, had caught hold of his own lower end,

and then went on sucking contentedly till, presumably

becoming uncomfortable, he spat himself out

again. One fellow found out that by rolling his lower

end in mud, he could float upright instead of lengthwise,

and appeared to be very proud of himself.

Gradually the end which contained the funnel tapored

off somewhat, and a small centre appeared in

it, which, in far future ages, might become a brain.

A small protuberance appeared, and the habit was

formed of drifting forward, with this in front, as

carrying the mouth, and impacts being constantly

made on this, development was promoted.

Vegetable life developed during this period, aided

by the heavy choking atmosphere ; there were forestlike

growths, much resembling grass, but forty feet

high and proportionately thick. They grew in the

warm mud, and flourished exceedingly.

Towards the end of this period, some of the Earth

was quite solid and only reasonably warm. There

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was much tumultuous cracking, apparently due to

shrinkage, and every hill was an active volcano.

Mars became more solid, cooling more rapidly in

consequence of its smaller size, but life on it was

much like that on the Earth.


In the third Round Mars was quite solid and firm,

and some animals began to develop, though at first

they looked rather like clumsy chunks of wood, sawed

off a log. They recalled sketches made by children

who had not learned how to draw; but as time

went on, there were beings who were distinctly human,

though more like gorillas than men.

The configuration then was very different from

that of the Mars now known to us. The water question

had not arisen, for about three-fourths of the

surface was water and only one-fourth dry land.

Hence there were no canals, as now, and the general

physical condition much resembled that of the Earth

of to-day.

The people who began with the linear indication

of the causal body had by this time developed basketwork

of a kind coarser, we noticed, than that which

had been developed on the Moon. When this stage

was reached the Basket-works from the Moon came

streaming in, ship-loads again being sent off by the

Seed-Manu to the Earth.

Looking at the Inter-Chain Nirvana, in order to

trace out the coming of the Basket-works to Mars,

we came upon an interesting point. The ' shelves'

on which the 'bulbs' were stored were clearly of the

higher mental matter; but the bulbs brought over

in the Seed-Manu 's aura were brought over through

the spiritual sphere, and the basket-work of Moon


mental matter would thus be disintegrated, and

would need to be reformed before these entities began

their terrene career. They would have slept

for ages in the spiritual sphere, and then would have

been reclothed in Basket-work of the equivalent

terrene mental matter. There is no continuity of

mental matter between Chains. The distance, of

course, may be disregarded, as the terrene Chain occupies

much the same position as the lunar, but the

discontinuity of the mental matter renders necessary

the disintegration and reintegration of the Basketwork

causal bodies.

We saw a Manu coming over to Mars with a shipload

of Basket-works, reminding us of the stories

in the Hindu Puranas of the Manu crossing the

ocean in a ship, bearing with Him the seeds of a

new world, and those in the Hebrew records of Noah,

preserving in an ark all that was needed to repopulate

the Earth after a flood. The legends preserved

in the Scriptures of religions are often stories containing

the records of the past, and the Manu truly

came to the Martian world to give a new impulse

to evolution. Arriving on Mars, He founded a colony

of His Basket-works thereon.

Tracing back this particular set, the first arrival

of Basket-works in the terrene Chain, we found that

they had come from globe G of the lunar Chain,

having thereon become Basket-works. They were

the least developed of the Basket-work crowd, having

been the last to reach that stage; the Manu

guided them to take birth in the most promising

third-Race families on Mars, and, as they grew, He

led them off to His colony, where they would more

quickly develop into fourth Race people. In the

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colony the people moved by a central will like bees

in a hive, the central will being that of the Manu;

He sent out streams of force and directed all. Two

other sets of these Basket-work bees came to Mars,

those who reached this stage on globes E and F of

the Moon Chain ; they arrived in reverse order from

that of their leaving the Moon, those from globe F

forming the fourth-Race on Mars, and those from

globe E the fifth. They developed some affection and

some intelligence under the fostering care of the

Manu; at first living in caves, they soon began to

build, and to teach the aborigines to build under

them, even Basket-works becoming leaders at this

stage of evolution.

These people were hermaphrodite, but one sex was

usually developed more than the other, and two individuals

were necessary for reproduction. Other

forms of reproduction also existed among the lower

types, and there were some embryonic human beings

of the hydra kind who reproduced by budding and

others by exudation, while some were oviparous. But

these were not found among the Basket-works.

In the fifth-Race the social arrangements changed,,

as more intelligence was developed; the bee system

disappeared, but they still had little individuality,

and moved rather in flocks and herds, shepherded by

their Manu. The baskets became more closely

woven, and represented what could be done by the

unf >!ding life in those who were emphatically selfmade

men, unaided by the great stimulus given in the

fourth Round by the Lords of the Flame. This type

which moves in flocks is still largely represented

among us by the people who hold conventional ideas

because others hold them, and are wholly dominated


by Mrs. Grundy. These are often quite good people,

but are very sheepy and flocky, and are appallingly

monotonous. There are differences among them,

but they are like the differences between people who

buy tea by the quarter-pound or by the ounce, noticeable

chiefly by themselves.

One fierce type of Basket-work was observed, not

living in communities, but wandering about in forests

in pairs ; their heads ran up to a point behind matching

the chin in front, and the head ending in two

points looked odd and unattractive. They fought by

butting against each other like goats, the top of the

head being of very hard bone. There were some yet

lower types, curious reptilian creatures, living in

trees. They were larger than the Lines and far less

intelligent, and ate the latter when they had the


There were also on Mars some carnivorous brutes ;

a huge crocodile-like animal was seen fiercely attacking

a man, who rushed at it with a club, which did

not seem a very effective weapon. However, he

stumbled over a rock and fell headlong into the

creature's jaws, and so came to an untimely end.

The third Round on the Earth much resembled

that on Mars, the people being smaller and denser,

but, from our present standpoint, still huge and

gorilla-like. The bulk of the Basket-works from

globe D of the lunar Chain arrived on our Earth in

this Round, and led the human evolution ; the Basketworks

from Mars fell in behind them, and the whole

resembled fairly intelligent gorillas. The animals

were very scaly, and even the creatures we must call

birds were covered with scales rather than feathers ;

they all seemed to be made of a job lot of fragments

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stuck together, half bird, half reptile, and wholly

unattractive. Still, it was a little more like a world

than the preceding globes, in fact than anything we

had seen since we left the Moon ; and later on cities

were built. The work of the Lords of the Moon who

in this Round were Arhats from globe E resembled

the training of animals more than the

evolution of a humanity. But it is noticeable that

they were working on sections, as it were, of the

different bodies, physical and subtle. The third subplanes

of the physical, astral and mental spheres

were being specially worked through, and the spirillae

of the atoms on these sub-planes were being vivified.


The methods of reproduction on our Earth during

the third Round were those which are now confined

to the lower kingdoms of nature. In the first

and second Races, not thoroughly densified, fission

still occurred vut in the third and onwards the

methods were: budding-off like hydras in the less

organised ; the exuding of cells from different organs

of the body, which reproduced similar organs, and

grew into a miniature duplication of the parent; the

laying of eggs, within which the young human being

developed. These were hermaphrodite, and gradually

one sex predominated, but never sufficiently to

represent a definite male and female.

The passing of the life-wave from one globe to

another is gradual and there is considerable overlapping;

it will be remembered that globe A of the

terrene Chain began to form when globe A of the

lunar Chain was in process of disintegration, the

passing of the Spirit of the globe being the signal of

'See Ante, pp. 27, 28.


the transference of activity.

1 Thus life-activity is continuous,

though egos have long periods of rest. A



passes into obscuration' when the attention

of the LOGOS is turned away from it, and thus His

Light is withdrawn. It passes into a kind of coma,

and there is a residuum of living creatures, left behind;

these creatures do not seem to increase in

number during this period. But while the Races

die out, the egos inhabiting them having passed on,

the globe becomes a field for the Inner Round, a place

to which egos in a transition state can be transferred

for special treatment in order to quicken their evolution.

The globe to which the attention of the LOGOS

is turned starts into active life, and receives the

streams of egos ready to gc forward on their journey.

Another point that may be noted is the recurrence

of types at a higher level of evolution, in which they

form but transitional stages. As in the development

of the human embryo of to-day, the fish, reptile, and

lower mammalian-types appear, repeating in a few

months the aeonic evolution of the past, so do we see

in each Round that a period of repetition precedes

that of new advance. The third Round laboriously

worked out in detail that which the third Race in

the fourth Round would reproduce with comparative

swiftness, while the second Race would similarly

reflect the second Round, and the first Race the first

Round. This broad principle once grasped, study

becomes more easy, as the outline is clear into which

details are to be fitted.

'See Anie, pp. 58, 59.

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IN taking a preliminary bird's-eye-view of the

fourth Round, one important and far-reaching

change is apparent in the surroundings amid which

human evolution is to proceed. In the three preceding

Rounds the elemental essence was practically

untouched by man, and was affected only by

the Devas, or Angels, by whose influences it evolved.

Man was not sufficiently developed to affect it to any

serious extent. But in this Round man's influence

plays a very important part, and his self-centred

thoughts create swirls in the elemental essence surrounding

him. The elementals, also, begin to show

more hostility to him, as he emerges fronji the animal

state into the dominating human, for he is, from their

standpoint, no longer an animal among animals, but

an independent and domineering entity, likely to be

hostile and aggressive.

Another most important characteristic of the

fourth Round, the midmost of the seven, is that, in

it, the door was shut against the animal kingdom,

and the door was opened to the Path. Both statements

are general ; here and there an animal, by very

special help, may still be evolved to a point where

a human incarnation is possible for it, but in almost

all cases no human body can now be found of sufficiently

low development for its embodiment; so also



might a man who had attained Arhatship or more

on the Moon Chain climb yet higher, but all below

that rank who had complete causal bodies did not

enter into evolution on the Earth Chain until the

later third and early fourth Root Races,

On Mars in the fourth Round we find a number

of savages who had not been sufficiently advanced

to leave that globe for the Earth when the mass of

the egos went on in the preceding Round. On each

globe some fail to go on, and remain behind as the

globe begins its period of obscuration; and they

return to this same globe when again it recommences

full activity, and form a very backward class ; these

were Basket-works of a very poor kind, and were

savages of the brutal and cruel type, some of those

who had individualised through fear and anger.

Mars, in the fourth Round, felt the stress of scarcity

of water, and it was the Lords of the Moon

Arhats who had attained on globe E who planned

out the system of canals and the Basket-works who

executed them under Their direction. The Martian

seas are not salt, and the polar snowcaps, aa they

melt, supply the water necessary for irrigation, and

thus enable the ground to be cultivated, and crops

to be raised.

The fifth Martian Root Race was white, and made

considerable progress, and the Basket-work developed

into a complete causal body. They were good,

well-meaning, and kindly, though not capable of any

large ideas, of widely spread feelings of affection, or

of self-sacrifice. At a quite early stage, they began

to divide food instead of fighting over it, developing

the social feeling to some extent.

The first and second Root Races on the Earth

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were going on before Mars was deserted, some entities

being available for these primitive conditions

whom Mars in its later stages was too advanced to

accommodate, and the full attention of the LOGOS

not being turned on to the Earth in these early

times. The Lords of the Moon Arhats who had

achieved on globe D of the lunar Chain brought

into these early Races a number of backward entities,

so that these served as special coaches for the laggards,

many of whom repaid the care bestowed upon

them, and entered the first sub-race qf the third Boot

Eace, as its lowest types ; they were egg-headed, with

an eye at the top of their heads, a roll like a sausage

representing a forehead, and prognathous jaws. The

egg-headed type persisted for a very long time, but

became much modified in the later sub-races of this

third Root Race, and specimens of them are found

in later Lemurian times. The blue people who formed

the powerful sixth sub-race, and the white who

composed the seventh sub-race, were finer types, but

were still Lemurian, and showed a trace of eggheadedness,

due to the retreating foreheads.1 The

population of the Earth during the first and second

Root Races was very limited, and this special help

appears to have been given because in the fourth

globe of the fourth Chain "the door is shut". Furthermore,

everything possible was done to bring forward

all of whom anything could be made, before the

coming of the Lords of the Flame, in the middle of

1While this is going through the press a report has appeared

in the newspapers of the discovery of some skulls

of this type, hut no particulars are yet available. See The

Theosophist for August, 1912, in 'On the Watch-Tower,'

p. 631.


the third Root Race, should make the gulf well-nigh

impassable between the human and animal kingdoms.

Mars, at the end of its seventh Root Race, had a

very considerable population to pour into the

Earth, and these came streaming in for the third

Root Race, to head it until the more advanced egos

from the Moon Chain should come in to take over

the leadership. These Basket-works, whose causal

bodies were now completed, had made considerable

progress on Mars, and they now prepared the way

for the more advanced people who were soon to

arrive. It was they who fought with the savage

reptilian creatures, slimy and backboneless, who

were the "water-men terrible and bad" of the

Stanzas of Dzyan, the re-embodied remnants of the

previous Rounds, who had been i water-men/ i.e.,

amphibious, scaly, half-human animals, on Mars.

The many schemes of reproduction characteristic

of the third Round reappear in this third Root Race,

and run simultaneously in various parts; of the

Earth. The bulk of the population passed on

through the successive stages and became mostly

oviparous, but there were various little side-shows

in which earlier methods persisted. It seems as

though the vaiious schemes of reproduction were

suitable to egos at different stages of evolution, and

were kept going for laggards after the bulk of the

people had passed beyond them. The egg-scheme

was dropped very slowly; the shell became thinner

and thinner, the human being within developing into

a hermaphrodite; then he became a hermaphrodite

with one sex predominant; and then a unisexual

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being. These changes began some sixteen and a half

million years ago, and occupied some five and a half

to six million years, physical bodies changing very

slowly and reversion frequently occurring. Moreover

the original number was small, and needed time

for multiplication. When this last type became quite

stable, then the egg was preserved within the feminine

body, and reproduction assumed the form which

still persists.

To sum up : we have the first Root Eace, repeating

the first Bound, etheric clouds drifting about in a

hot heavy atmosphere, which enclosed a world rent

by recurrent cataclysms ; these multiplied by fission.

The second Boot Bace, repeating the second Bound,

was of the '

pudding-bag' type, described under the

second Bound; these multiplied by budding. The

early third Boot Bace, repeating the third Bound,

was human-gorilla in form, and reproduction was at

first by extrusion of cells, the 'sweatborn' of The

Secret Doctrine. Then comes the oviparous stage,

and finally the unisexual.

Some very special treatment was applied to some

of the eggs ; they were taken away by the Lords of

the Moon, and were carefully magnetised and kept

at an equable temperature, until the human form, at

this stage a hermaphrodite, broke out; it was then

specially fed and carefully developed, and when

ready, was taken possession of by one of the Lords

of the Moon, many of whom became incarnate in

order to work on the physical plane, and they used

these carefully prepared bodies for a long period

of time; some Devas also took some of these prepared

bodies. This seems to have been only a few

centuries before the separation of the sexes.


While the later Egg-borns were in possession, the

very best of the Basket-works came in, straight from

the Inter-Chain Nirvana, and these were quickly followed

by the lowest of those who had gained complete

causal bodies on the Moon. Between the highest

of the first and the lowest of the second there

was but little difference. The first boat-load of the

latter consisted of those who had responded but

little to the influence of the Seed-Manu, from globes

G, F, and E, of the lunar Chain, the majority being

from G, the stupidest of those who had gained complete

causal bodies. The second boat-load had a

large number from globe G, a low section from globe

F, and a still lower from globe E. The third contained

the best from globe G, with some fairly good

from globe F, and good from globe E. The fourth

boat-load had the best from globe F, and all but the

very best of globe E. The fifth boat-load brought the

best of globe E with a few from globe D. These all

seemed to be sorted out by ' age 'rather than by '



and were, in fact, of all types. One individual was

noticed who was a chief in the savage mainland tribe

which took Mars prisoner on the Moon, one who had

individualised through fear. All these incarnated

among the Egg-borns, some hundreds of thousands

of them.

Then came, from ten to eleven million years ago,

when separation of the sexes was fully established,

the important stage when some of these incarnated

Lords of the Moon descended on the seven-pointed

Lemurian Polar Star, and formed etheric images

of themselves, which were then materialised into

greater density, multiplying these for the use of the

incoming egos; the Lords were of different types,

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the " seven men each on his lot," and gave bodies

suited to the seven Bays, or temperamental types

of humanity, making the forms on the points of the


At this stage there were four human classes, pressing

on each other to obtain better human forms.

These were: (1) the set of the best Basket-works

above-named, with the five boat-loads from globes G,

F, and E, possessing complete causal bodies; then

(2) the Basket-works from Mars; then (3) the Lines,

who had been here all the time; then (4) the last,

composed of those who were only now coming up out

of the animals. Below these were the animals,

plants, and minerals, with which we need not concern


The coming of these into the etheric forms provided

by the Lords of the Moon was something of a

struggle, for there were often many claimants for

a single form, and the one who succeeded in gaining

it could not always hold it for more than a few

moments ; the scene recalls the Greek idea that the

Gods made the world amid shouts of laughter, for

it decidedly had its comic element, as the egos

struggled for the forms and could not manage them

when they had obtained them. It is one of the descents

into matter, the final materialisation of the

body of man, the completion of 'the fall of man'.

Gradually they became accustomed to the new * coats

of skin,' and settled down to reproduce the seven

great temperamental types. In various parts of

the world other ways of reproduction continued for

long periods of time; the successive stages overlapped

very much, owing to the great differences in

evolution, and the classes that came in from other


Rounds had not been in the two early Boot Races

on Earth; the tribes following the early methods

gradually became sterile, while the true men and

women multiplied greatly, until humanity, as we

know it now, was definitely established all over the


The forms as thrown off by the Lords of the Moon

were fairly good-looking, but being etheric they were

very readily modifiable, and the incoming egos much

distoited them; the children born of them were distinctly

ugly; probably those using them were accustomed

to think of the egg-shaped head and sausage-

roll forehead, and hence these reappeared.

After many generations of well-established human

beings, descended from the etheric materialised

forms, had been evolved, the Arhats urged on those

who had left globes A, B, and C of the lunar Chain

because they could make no further progress on

it that they should descend and take incarnation in

the bodies now ready for their indwelling. There

were three boat-loads of these ; more than two million

orange people from globe A, rather less than

three million golden-yellow from globe B, and rather

more than three million pink from globe C about

nine millions in all; they were guided to different

areas of the world's surface, with the view that they

should form tribes. The orange, on seeing the

bodies offered to them, refused to enter, not out of

any wickedness but from pride, disdaining the unattractive

forms, and perhaps also from their ancient

hatred of sexual unions; but the yellow and pink

were docile and obeyed, gradually improving the

bodies they inhabited. These made the fourth Lemurian

sub-race, the first which was in any sense, ex96

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cept the embryonic, human; and it may be dated

from the giving of the forms. It is interesting to

notice that H. P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine

speaks of this fourth sub-race as 'yellow,' apparently

noting the incoming of the golden-yellow people

from globe B of the Moon Chain; she can hardly

have been referring to the established colour of the

fourth sub-race, as that was black, and the black continued

even in the lower classes of the sixth subrace,

in which the higher classes were of a quite

respectable blue. Yet even in those there was an

underlying tinge of black.

The area allotted to the orange tribe was thus left

open, and the bodies they should have used were

gladly seized upon by the entities just emerging

from the animal kingdom, the lowest of the classes

before mentioned, the very poorest human type;

these, not unnaturally, felt little difference between

themselves and the ranks from which they had just

emerged, and hence arose the "sin of the mindless".

It is interesting to note the karma of this refusal

of the orange people to take their due place in the

work of peopling the world. Later, the law of evolution

forced them into incarnation, and they had

to take lower and coarser bodies, the Lords of the

Moon having gone on into other work; they thus became

a backward race, cunning but not good, and

passed through many unpleasant experiences; they

diminished in number by constantly coming into collision

with the common order, and being hammered,

largely by suffering, into ordinary folk. A few

strong, remorseless and unscrupulous became

Lords of the Dark Face in Atlantis ; some were seen

among the North American Indians with refined but


hard faces ; some few still persist, even down to our

own day the unscrupulous among the kings of

finance, statesmen like Bismarck, conquerors like

Napoleon; but they are gradually disappearing, for

they have learned many bitter lessons. Those who

are wanting in heart, who are always fighting, always

opposing everything everywhere, on general

principles, must ultimately, in a realm of law, be

beaten into shape; a very few may end in black

magic, but the steady pressure is too great for the

majority. It is a hard road to choose for progress !


The great Leraurian Polar Star was still perfect,

and the huge Crescent still stretched along the

equator, including Madagascar. The sea which occupied

what is now the Gobi Desert still broke

against the rocky barriers of the northern Himalayan

slopes, and all was being prepared for the most

dramatic moment in the history of the Earth the

Coming of the LORDS OF THE FLAME.

The Lords of the Moon and the Manu of the third

Root Race had done all that was possible to bring

men up to the point at which the germ of mind could

be quickened, and the descent of the ego could be

made. All the laggards had been pushed on; there

were no more in the animal ranks capable of rising

into man. The door against further immigrants into

the human kingdom from the animal was only shut

when no more were in sight, nor would be capable

of reaching it without a repetition of the tremendous

impulse only given once in the evolution of a

Scheme, at its midmost point,

A great astrological event, when a very special

collocation of planets occurred and the magnetic

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condition of the Earth was the most favourable

possible, was chosen as the time. It was about six

and a half million years ago. Nothing more remained

to be done, save what only They could do.

Then, with the mighty roar of swift descent from

incalculable heights, surrounded by blazing masses

of fire which filled the sky with shooting tongues of

flame, flashed through the aerial spaces the chariot

of the Sons of the Fire, the Lords of the Flame from

Venus; it halted, hovering over the < White Island/

which lay smiling in the bosom of the Gobi Sea;

green was it, and radiant with masses of fragrant

many-coloured blossoms, Earth offering her best

and fairest to welcome her coming King. There He

stood, "the Youth of sixteen summers,

" Sanat Kumara,

the ' Eternal Virgin-Youth, ' the new Ruler of

Earth, come to His kingdom, His Pupils, the three

Kumaras, with Him, His Helpers around Him;

thirty mighty Beings were there, great beyond

Earth's reckoning, though in graded order, clothed

in the glorious bodies They had created by Kriyaehakti,

the first Occult Hierarchy, branches of the

one spreading Banyan-Tree, the nursery of future

Adepts, the centre of all occult life. Their dwelling-

place was and is the Imperishable Sacred Land,

on which ever shines down the Blazing Star, the

symbol of Earth's Monarch, the changeless Pole

round which the life of our Earth is ever spinning.


lfThe use of these occult symbols misled the readers of

The Secret Doctrine, (perhaps even its writer) into the

mistake that the 'Pole' and 'Star' mentioned in the Occult

Commentary were the physical North Pole and North

Star. I followed this mistaken idea in my Pedigree of

Man. A. B.


A Catechism says: "Out of the seven Kumaras,

four sacrificed themselves for the sins of the world,

and the instruction of the ignorant, to remain till

the end of the present manvantara . . . These are the

Head, the Heart, the Soul and the Seed of undying


" H. P. Blavatsky adds: "Higher than

the 'Four' is only ONE on Earth as in Heaven

that still more mysterious and solitary Being' ' the

Silent Watcher.1

Until the Coming of the Lords the shiploads from

the Inter-Chain Nirvana had arrived separately,

but now, with the tremendous stimulus given, fecundity

increased rapidly like everything else, and

perfect fleets were wanted to bring in egos to inhabit

the bodies ; these came pouring in, while others

of lower types took possession of all the animals

with the germs of mind who were individualised at

the Coming, the Lords of the Flame doing in a

moment for millions what we now do by long care

for units.

And now the Arhats from globes A, B, and C

came into incarnation, to help the Manu in founding

and civilising the fifth, sixth and seventh sub-races

of the Lemurians. The fourth sub-race continued,

the very egg- headed one, with a stature of from

twenty-four to twenty-seven feet in height, loosely

and clumsily built, and black in colour; one whom

we measured was twenty-five feet in height.

1 Their

buildings were proportionate to their size, cyclopean

in structure, made of enormous stones.

The Arhats became Kings in the later sub-races,

the King-Initiates of the myths which are truer than


1 The Secret Doctrine, ii t 294, 295. (See bottom next page.)

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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A King-Initiate would gather a number of persons

round Him, forming a clan, and then would teach

this clan some of the arts of civilisation, and direct

and help them in the building of a city. One large

city was erected under such instruction on what is

now the island of Madagascar, and many others were

similarly built over the great Crescent. The style

of architecture was, as said above, cyclopean, impressive

from its hugeness.

During the long period thus occupied, the physical

apearance of the Lemurians was changing. The

central eye at the top of the head was retreating, as

it ceased to function, from the surface to the interior

of the head, to form the pineal gland, while

the two eyes at first one on each side of it were

becoming active. The Greek legend of Cyclops is

evidently a tradition from the early Lemurian age.

There was some domestication of animals; one

egg-headed Lemurian was seen leading about a scaly

monster, almost as unattractive as his master.

Animals of all sorts were eaten raw among some

tribes human flesh was not despised and creatures

of the grade of our slugs, snails and worms, much

larger than their degenerate descendants, were regarded

with peculiar favour as toothsome morsels.

curiosity may arise as to how we measured him :

first by standing by him, when we came, respectively, a

little below and level with his knee; then by setting him

against a first-floor balcony at Headquarters, where he

could rest his raised hands on the parapet and put his

chin on them. We later measured the height of the parapet.

The poor image was not made welcome when he put

his head over the balcony: "Take him away," said the

owner of the balcony; "he is very ugly and enough to

frighten anybody." Perhaps he was, poor thing.


While the sixth sub-race was developing, a large

number of Initiates and their disciples were sent off

from the Inter-Chain Nirvana to the Earth,1 to

help the Manu of the fourth Root Eace by incarnating

in the best bodies He had so far evolved. The

very best bodies being given to those who had exhausted

their karma, their occupants were able

to improve them, and to get out of them everything

which they were capable of yielding. These Arhats

and their pupils worked under the Lords of the

Moon and the Manus of the third and fourth Root

Races; the seventh sub-race, the bluish-white, was

evolved by their help, and furnished men and

women of a better type for further moulding by the

Manu of the fourth.

*It may be noted that while the general rule was that

the less evolved should be sent first to the Earth, exceptions

were made where help was wanted, as in this ease

with this special boat-load.

------Cardiff Theosophical Society in Wales-------
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THE Head of the Hierarchy began, almost immediately

after His coming, to make arrangements for

the founding of the fourth Root Race, employing

the future Manu to pick out the smallest, densest

and best of the Lemurian types available ; and while

the founding and growth of civilisation under the

King-Initiates were going forward among the Lemurians,

the Manu of the coming Race was diligently

seeking for the egos suitable for His purpose, and

selecting for them appropriate incarnations. He

gathered together, in one case, thousands of people,

and finally selected one, after tests that lasted over

many years, evidently experiencing much difficulty in

finding desirable ancestors for His Race. Tribes

were set apart, their members inter-marrying for

long periods, and the Manu chose promising specimens

and transplanted them; He and His disciples

incarnated in the progeny of these to raise the physical

level. He carried on various experiments simultaneously

on the points of the Star, utilising the

differences of climate. It looked at first a hopeless

task, as though negroes and mulattoes should intermarry

to make a white race ; but after generations

of selection within a tribe, He would take away one

or two, and pair them off with another one or two,

similarly selected from another tribe. The third-



Race Manu had evolved a blue type for His sixth

sub-race, and a bluish-white for His seventh, though

the masses of the Lemurians remained black; some

of the fourth sub-race also mixed in with the blue,

and slowly, very slowly, the general Lemurian type

improved. It is noticeable also that when, in other

parts of the world a lighter-coloured or better type

appeared it was sent off to the Manu, and He tried

to find for it a suitable husband or wife ; we observed

one that was thus sent in from the Madagascan city,

and others similarly came in from elsewhere.

More rapid progress was made after the arrival of

the Initiates, mentioned at the close of the last

chapter, the best of the bodies improved by their

indwelling being taken by the Manu for the shaping

of His first sub-race; the fourth Eace had thus,

ultimately, a very fine founding and nursing, thanks

to the large number of developed people who took

the lead and pressed things forward. The Manu

was able, finally, to take the bodies of the seventh

sub-race, improved by the Initiates using them, as

the nucleus of His first sub-race, the Rmoahal, of

the fourth Eoot Race. All who were taken on into

the fourth Root Race were the Initiates and their

disciples in these bodies, and none at this stage were

taken from those who had previously been evolving

on the Earth Chain.

Subba Rao distinguished the Lemurians as blueblack,

the Atlanteans as red-yellow, and the Aryans

as brown-white. We find the fourth Race Manu

eliminating the blue from the colour of His people,

passing through purple into the red of the Rmoahal

sub-race, and then, by mixing in the blue-white ot

the seventh Lemurian sub-race, He obtained the

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first sub-race which seemed to be fully human, and

that we could imagine as living among ourselves.

After the race-type was fully established, He thus

had the materials for the rich red-brown of the Toltec,

the third sub-race, the most splendid and imperial

of the Atlantean peoples, which ruled the world

for tens of thousands of years. After a long period

of patient working, about a million years having been

spent in taking stupendous trouble and care, He

reached a fair resemblance to the type given to Him

to produce ; then He definitely founded the Race, He

Himself taking incarnation, and calling His disciples

to take bodies in His own family, His posterity thus

forming the Race. In the most literal sense the

Manu of a Race is its Progenitor, for the whole Race

has its Manu as its physical ancestor.

Even the Manu 's.immediate descendants, however,

were not a very attractive-looking crowd, judging

by our present standard, although a vast improvement

on the surrounding population. They were

smaller, but had no nervous organisation worth

speaking of, and their astral bodies were shapeless.

It is extraordinary what He made of such a body

for Himself, moulding and shaping it after His own

astral and mental bodies, and modifying the pigment

in the skin, till He worked it into more of the colour

that He wished for His Race.

After this many generations passed before the

young Race took possession of its continent, Atlantis,

but from this point onwards ship-loads of

egos begin to come in from the Inter-Chain Nirvana,

to inhabit the fourth Race bodies. The Manu

arranged with the Root-Manu to send Him large


numbers of egos ready for incarnation those from

globe D of the Moon Chain who had complete causal

bodies, and who had individualised in the lunar

fourth arid fifth Eounds. Some of these came into

the Tlavatli sub-race, and some later into the Toltec,

when it was evolved ; and then He again incarnated

in the latter, and founded the City of the

Golden Gates, the first of many successive cities of

that name. The founding was about one million

years ago, one hundred and fifty thousand years before

the first great catastrophe which rent the continent

of Atlantis.

The Toltec was at this time the ruling Eace, by

virtue of its great superiority. It was a warrior race

going all over the world and subduing its inhabitants,

but its pure types never formed the lower classes

anywhere. Even in the City of the Golden Gates,

only the aristocracy and the middle class were Toltec ;

the lower classes were of mixed blood, and were

largely composed of men and women taken captive

in wars with other sub-races, and reduced to servitude

by their conquerors.

At this time arrived on Earth a ship-load of egos,

in a group of whom which kept much together we

are specially interested, as it contained many old

friends, Sirius, Orion, Leo and others ; some of these

were ear-marked on their arrival by Vaivasvata

Manu the Manu of th6 fifth Eace as part of His

future materials. Hence H. P. Blavatsky speaks of

the founding of the fifth Eace as occurring one million

years ago, though it was only led out from Atlantis

79,997 B. C. These, later, formed the group

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with an average 1,200 to 1,000 years' interval between

death and re-birth.1

The interval between death and re-birth was at

this time naturally somewhat shorter, for the material

gathered in these primitive lives was not

enough to make a long interval, however thinly

spread out. The people were not yet capable of

deep feeling, though making something out of the

heaven-life. In the heaven-world these egos kept

together, and the filmy beings connected with them

in the intuitional sphere showed a strong affinity for

each other. In the lower spheres there was apparently

a dull, groping, sense of 'want,' as though they

were very dimly sensing the absence of the old

friends of former lives and of the Inter-Chain interval,

who were still sleeping away in the Inter-chain

Nirvana, not to arrive on Earth for another 400,000

years. In the intuitional sphere, these 700-year

people were in touch with the 1,200-year group, but

it was only when the former arrived on the Earth

that there was a time of general rejoicing among

the egos in the higher mental sphere, due chiefly to

the arrival of those who were the most deeply loved

and revered the future Masters. Those immediately

connected with some of the earlier group were still

in that Nirvana, although others had come to earth

with the 1,200-year set, among them the two future

Masters who now wear English bodies.2 A good

irThese intervals must be taken provisionally; the intervals

between death and re-birth in this group and in the

one mentioned below were relatively about as these lengths.

2They were once Sir Thomas More and 'Philalethes'

Thomas Vaughan.


deal of slight retarding or hastening of re-birth was

resorted to, in order to keep the group together in


In one of these early lives, Corona1 a very fine

fighter came from the City of the Golden Gates, and

conquered the Tlavatli tribe in which our friends had

incarnated. Unconscious as he was of the tie between

them, he was yet influenced by it, and treated

the tribe kindly: instead of carrying them off as

slaves, he introduced various improvements and

incorporated the tribe into the Toltec Empire. Sirius

took several births in the Tlavatli sub-race, and then

passed into the Toltec. Glancing forward, we saw

him once incarnated among the Rmoahls, in order

to be with Ursa and others, then several lives were

passed in the Turanian, the fourth sub-race a

Chinese stage and a number in the Akkadian, the

sixth; he was observed trading among a people who

resembled the Phoenicians of later times. He did not

take the sub-races in any special order, and it is

difficult, at present, to generalise on this question.

Ship-loads of egos continued to arrive, and the

main cause of separation seemed to be the method

of individualisation. Egos of all Bays, or temperaments,

of similar general development were mixed

up, but those of different intervals between rebirths

were not. Nor was there any mingling of the large

classes of the Moon-Men and Animal-Men. Unless

an individual had been taken through the Inner

Round, and had undergone its special forcing, when

he passed into the class ahead of him, the broad

lines of distinction remained, and one class did not

'Known in later history as Julius Ceesar.

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overtake another. Even when the Basket-works had

completed their causal bodies, the basket origin remained


The first ship-load containing the 700-year group

arrived on Earth about 600,000 B. C., some 250,000

years after the first great cataclysm which rent

the continent of Atlantis. With it came the future

Masters, Mars and Mercury and others, and Mars

was born in the north in the Tlavatli sub-race,

with Surya and Mercury for his father and mother.

Herakles was also in the family, as an elder sister.

Surya was the Chief of the tribe, and Mars, his

eldest son, soon became its foremost warrior.1 At

the age of fifteen, he was left for dead on a battlefield,

but was searched for and found by his sister,

who was passionately devoted to him, and who

nursed him back to health. He succeeded his father

as Chief, and had his first experience of earthly rule.

There was one quite small but interesting group,

only 105 in number, who arrived about the same

period, 600,000 B. C., but who did not come from the

Moon. It was a contingent arranged for specially by

the Head of the Hierarchy, and seemed to consist

of some who in Venus had been pet animals of the

Lords 'of the Flame, and were so strongly linked to

Them by affection, that without Them they would

not have evolved. They had individualised on Venus,

and were brought over here, and He placed them all

in the first and second Hays. There were other small

groups, abnormal in evolution. Thus one little

group, belonging to the third Bound, was sent over

to Mercury, for the special treatment possible under

*See the Proem for these and other names.


Mercury conditions, and was then brought back

here. Some underwent treatment of this kind in

preparation for the fifth Eoot Race. It may be

noted that H. P. Blavatsky speaks of some who came

to the Earth from Mercury.

Herakles' third birth on earth was in the same

tribe, in which many members of the group were

re-united. They had a certain amount of civilisation,

but the houses were mere huts, and the

climate being warm the clothing was scanty. The

life was marked by the re-knitting of the undesirable

link with Scorpio, and has therefore a certain importance

for those concerned. The tribe in which

Herakles was a warrior was attacked by a very

savage tribe to which Scorpio belonged; the plan

of the latter was to surprise the other tribe and

slaughter it as a sacrifice to their deity, or, failing

that, to commit suicide, and thereby gain power to

torment their enemies from the other world. They

performed magical rites of an Obeahlike nature,

which, though done in secret, seem to have become

known to Herakles. The final suicide was essential

to the success of the whole plan of after-death activity,

and the weird spells, with many tremendous

'curses and swears,' became then effective: the result

of these was apparently as much dreaded by

their foes as it was valued by themselves. The attack

failed, and they proceeded to carry out the

alternative to victory, a general suicide with gruesome

rites. Herakles, partly because his religion

did not permit suicide, partly moved by superstitious

fears, and partly by the thought that the savages

would make nice brawny slaves, interfered and

saved a number of them whom he captured and

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bound. Later on these folk plotted to assassinate

him, and he had them executed; thus began again,

this time on earth, a long series of antagonisms not

yet exhausted.

It may be noted, as bearing on the closeness of

ties set up between individuals and enduring for

hundreds of lives, that from this time forward a set

of persons within the large groups of 1,200-and 700-

years' people a set which we may, for the sake of

distinction, dub 'the Clan' while visiting almost

every country in the world, kept generally together,

and Sirius, Especially, was rarely found to marry

outside this little group. Taking a bird's-eye-view,

we notice that there were occasional gatherings of

the whole big Clan, as in the City of the Golden

Gates when Mars was King, in Peru when he was

Emperor, in the mainland near the White Island

under the Manu, and in the second and third subraces

at their beginnings and their migrations to

take a few instances out of many. Herakles turned

out to be a fighting sort of person, clinging closely

to Mars ; Sirius a more peaceful one, following Mercury

continually; Alcyone is also of that ilk, with

Mizar. A good many belonging to the larger groups

with whom we were very familiar in those early

days, however, seem to have dropped out by the

way, and we have not met them in this life; some

may be just now in the heaven-world. The Theosophical

Society is another instance of the gathering

of this same Clan, and people are coming into it all

the time, who turn out to be old friends. Some again,

like Corona, are just now awaiting a favourable opportunity

for incarnation.

The ship-loads continued to come in for a long


time, only ceasing with the catastrophe of 75,000 B.

C., so the phrase as to shutting the door evidently

applies only to the animals coming up into humanity,

and not to those whose causal bodies were already

developed. The anthropoid apes, of whom H, P.

Blavatsky spoke as still admissible to human bodies,

would belong to the animal kingdom of the Moon,

not to that of the Earth; they took up bodies produced

by the "sin of the mindless," and are the

gorillas, chimpanzees, orang-utangs, baboons, and

gibbons. They might be looked for in Africa, and

might incarnate there in the still existing very low

human races of Lemurian type.

Coming down to 220,000 B. 0., to the City of the

Golden Gates, we find Mars there ruling as Emperor,

and bearing by inheritance the title of * Divine

Ruler,' transmitted from Those who had ruled in

the past, the great Initiates of earlier days. Mercury

was the chief Hierophant, the head of the

State religion. It is remarkable how these two come

down together through the ages, one always the

Ruler, the Warrior, the other always the Teacher,

the Priest. Noteworthy also is the fact that we

never saw Mars in a woman's body, whereas Mercury

did take one from time to time.

There was quite a gathering of the Clan at this

time. The Crown Prince was then Vajra, and Ulysses,

who had been a successful leader on the frontier,

was Captain of the Imperial Guard. This Guard

formed a picked body of men, even the privates being

of the upper classes, and they had charge of the

Palace; they were not supposed to go out to war,

but rather to strut about in gorgeous uniforms, to

attend on the person of the Monarch during ceremo112

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nials, and increase his splendour. Later, however,

after the death of Ulysses, Vajra became Captain of

the Guard, and he persuaded his father to allow him

to take his troop off into a campaign; being always

a turbulent and restless person, he was not content

to luad a life of show and luxury, and his soldiers,

who adored him for his dash and courage, were willing

enough to exchange their golden breastplates

for the severer armament of war. Among them we

find a number of our Clan: Herakles was there, with

Pindar, Beatrix, Gemini, Capella, Lutetia, Bellona,

Apis, Arcor, Capricorn, Theodoros, Scotus and Sappho.

Herakles had as servant-boys three Tlavatli

youths, captured in battle by his father and given to

him Hygeia, Bootes, and Alcmene. The soldiers

were distinctly rowdy, indulging in orgies of eating

and drinking, and then rioting about the city; but

they had the merit of respecting 'learning, paid

reverence to the priests, and attended religious ceremonies

as part of their Palace duty. They had a

certain code of honour among themselves and kept

it very rigidly, and in this was included the protection

of the weak. Their homes were not unrefined,

a,fter a fashion, though not squaring with modern


The death of Ulysses, the Captain of the Guard,

must not be passed by unnoticed, for it linked in indissoluble

bonds the three persons chiefly concerned.

The Emperor Mars had placed in the Captain's

hands the care of his son Vajra, a daring, reckless

lad ; for the times were dangerous, conspiracies were

rife in the Golden City, and the capture of the person

of the Crown Prince would have been a great triumph

for the conspirators. Hence Ulysses would not allow


the Prince to leave the Palace grounds, much to that

young man's disgust. One day the Captain and the

Prince were sitting at some little distance from the

Palace, and a band of conspirators, greatly daring,

crept up under the shelter of some bushes, and suddenly

pounced upon the two. The Prince was struck

down senseless, but Ulysses, bestriding his body,

fought fiercely against the assailants, shouting for

help. His cries were heard, and as he fell bleeding

across the body of his young master, pierced by

many wounds, some soldiers of the Guard came

rushing up, and the conspirators took to their heels.

The two unconscious bodies were lifted on to stretchers,

carried to the Throne-room of the Palace, where

the Emperor was sitting, and there laid at his feet.

The dying Captain raised his eyes to his Emperor:

' '

Sire, forgive ; I did my best. ' '

The Emperor stooped down, and dipped his finger

in the blood welling up from the Captain's breast;

he touched with it the forehead of the dying man,

his own forehead and his feet, and musically his

voice fell upon the silence: "By the blood that was

shed for me and mine, the bond between us shall

never be broken. Depart in peace, faithful servant

and friend."

The words reached the ears already becoming dull;

Ulysses smiled, and died. The young Prince, who

was only stunned, revived. And the bond lasted on,

millennium after millennium, and became the bond

between Master and disciples, for ever unbreakable.

The lives of Herakles were not remarkable in any

way for a long time. They were spent in fighting,

when the body was that of a man, in having very

numerous babies when it was that of a woman.

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The spread of black magic in Atlantis led up to

the second great catastrophe of 200,000 B. C., which

left as remnants of the great continent which had

joined Europe and Africa to America the huge

islands of Kuta and Daitya. They endured until

the catastrophe of 75,025 B. C.1 overwhelmed them

beneath the waters of the ocean we now call the Atlantic.

During the next hundred thousand years, the

peoplo of Atlantis flourished abundantly, and built

up a mighty, but over-luxurious, civilisation. Its

centre was in the City of the Golden Gates the

name was preserved but it spread far and wide

over the world, both over Africa and the West. Unhappily

with the civilisation spread again also the

knowledge giving control over nature which, used

for selfish purposes, becomes black magic.

Members of the Clan came into it, more or less,

sometimes being born into families immersed in it,

and breaking away; sometimes dallying with it and

being a little tarred therewith. Some experiences

of Alcyone's that often tormented him in the form

of dreams in a later life may here be put on record.2

They happened in a life that occurred about 100,000

B. C. Corona was then the White Emperor at the

City of the Golden Gates ; Mars was a general under

him, and Herakles was the wife of Mars. A great

rebellion was being plotted, and a man of strange

and evil knowledge, a 'Lord of the Dark Face/

leagued with the dark Earth-Spirits who form the

Usually given roughly as the 80,000 B. C. catastrophe.

2See "Rents in the Veil of time" The Theosophist, May,



1 Kingdom of Pan, 7 the semi-human, semi-animal

creatures who are the originals of the Greek satyrs

was gradually gathering round himself a huge

army which followed him as Emperor, the Emperor

of the Midnight Sun, the Dark Emperor, set over

against the White. The worship he established, with

himself as central idol huge images of himself being

placed in the temples was sensual and riotous, holding

men through the gratification of their animal

passions. Against the White Cave of Initiation in

the City of the Golden Gates was set up the Dark

Cave in which the mysteries of Pan, the Earth-God,

were celebrated. All was working up toward another

great catastrophe.

Alcyone, some one hundred and twenty lives back,

was the son of a man who followed the hideous rites

of this dark cult, but he held himself much aloof,

shrinking from the wild orgies of animalism that

enchained the bulk of the worshippers. But, as is

too often the case, he fell into the trap baited by a

woman's beauty, and met a grievous fate. The story

may be told, as it throws light on the conditions

which brought down later upon Atlantis the heavy

doom pronounced by the Occult Hierarchy.

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ALCYONE is lying half asleep, half awake, on a

grassy bank sloping down to a rippling brooklet.

His face is perplexed, even anxious, the reflex of

his troubled mind. He is the son of a wealthy and

powerful family, belonging to the priesthood, the

* Priesthood of the Midnight Sun,' vowed to the

service of the Gods of the Nether World, whom the

priests sought in the gloom of night, in dark earthcaverns

opening into passages that led down, down,

into unknown depths.

At this time, the great civilised nations of Atlantis

had drawn into two opposed camps ; the one, looking

to the ancient City of the Golden Gates as their sacred

metropolis, maintained the traditional worship

of their race, the worship of the Sun the Sun in

the beauty of his rising, clad in the bright colours of

the dawning, encircled with the radiant youths and

maidens of his court; the Sun in the zenith of his

glory, the blazing strength of his mid-heaven, scattering

abroad his brilliant rays of life and heat; the

Sun in the splendid couch of his setting, touching

into rarest softest hues the clouds he left as promise

of his return. The people worshipped him with

choral dances, with incense and with flowers, with

joyous songs, and with offerings of gojd and gems, m


with laughter and with minstrelsy, with joyous

games and sports. Over these children of the Blazing

Sun the White Emperor bore rule, and his race

had for long millennia held unchallenged sway. But

gradually the outlying kingdoms, ruled by his lieutenants

had become independent, and they were beginning

to join together into a Federation, rallying

round a man who had appeared among them, a remarkable

but sinister figure.

This man, Oduarpa by name, ambitious and crafty

by nature, had realised that, in order to give stability

to the Federation and to make head against the

White Emperor, it was necessary to call to his aid

the resources of the darker magic, to make compact

with the denizens of the Nether World, and to establish

a worship which would attract the people by

its sensuous pleasures, and by the weird unholy

powers it placed within the reach of its adepts. He

had himself, by such compact, extended his life ovey

an abnormal period, and, when going into battle,

rendered himself impervious to spear or swordthrust

by materialising a metallic coating over his

body, which turned weapons aside as would a shirt

of mail. He aimed at supreme power, and was in

a fair way to reach it, and he dreamed of himself

as sitting crowned in the Palace of the City of the

Golden Gates.

The father of our youth was among the most intimate

of his friends, and privy to his most secret

designs, and both hoped that the lad would devote

himself to the forwarding of their ambitions. But

the youth had dreams and hopes of his own, nourished

silently within his own heart ; he had seen in the

visions of the night the stately figure of Mars, a

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general of the White Emperor, Corona, had gazed

into his deep compelling eyes, had heard, as from

afar, his words: "Alcyone, thou art mine, of my

people, and surely thou shalt come to me, and know

thyself as mine. Pledge not thyself to mine enemies,

thou who art mine." And he had vowed himself his

subject, as vassal to his lord.

Of this was Alcyone thinking, as he lay musing

by the stream. For another influence was playing

upon him, and his blood ran hotly in his veins. Illpleased

at his indifference to their worship nay,

at his shrinking from it, even in its outward rites

of animal sacrifice and poured out oblations of

strong drink his father and Oduarpa had conceived

the plan of drawing him into the secret mysteries

by the allurements of a maiden, Cygnus, dark and

beauteous as the midnight sky star-studded, who

loved him deeply, but had so far failed to win his

young heart with her charms. Between her dusky

brilliant eyes and his half-fascinated gaze would float

the splendid face of his vision, and he would hear

again the thrilling whisper: "Thou art mine."

At length, however, she had so far won him persuaded

to the task by her mother, a veritable witchhag,

who had told her that thus alone might she gain

his love as to obtain from him a promise that he

would accompany her to the underground caves in

which the magical rites were performed, which drew

the denizens of the Nether World from their retreats

and gained from them the forbidden knowledge

which changed the human into the animal form,

thus giving opportunity for free play to the passions

of the brute hidden in man, passions of lust and